I'm in Love

...with everything about this painting.
"Every Knee Shall Bow" by J. Kirk Richards


Cherie said...

I was flipping through the new Deseret Book mini catalog that came in the mail yesterday and I saw that picture but it was smallish and I thought that it was sheep in the picture - LOL.
Now that I can see it ...WOW! It is breathtaking!

Cherie said...

And no lie my word verification on that last comment was: artiast - ha ha

LKP said...

at first glance i thought the SAME thing! but yeah, once i spent a moment taking it all in, i got all teary. i'm a blub, but oh well.
can't explain what it taps into that makes me so emotional, but i couldn't help but look at that painting and feel relieved. ::shrugs::
love you cherie!

Heidi D said...

when I saw it I thought they were sheep! I guess that would work too though...

Garden of Egan said...

I was thinking it was sheep too.
The artist is truly a master!!!

I love it.

I'm kinda with you. I could stare at it for hours and feel nothing but peace and hope.

Valerie said...

He spoke and painted at a local art museum last month and I took my children. Since then, I have seen several of his paintings around that I really like. Love this one too!

Lisa Loo said...

I love what it symbolizes...and I understand what you mean what you say when you say you feel relief....

S.I.F. said...

It is definitely beautiful!

Thinking of you friend... I hope all is well!

Nikki said...

Hello, my long lost bloggy friend :) Hope you remember me.... I definitely win the worst bloggy friend award!
I've got alot of reading to catch up on... sorry about all the notifications you're going to get ;)
I made mums notebook private because a few weeks ago someone in USA spent over 6 hours clicking on every photo... pretty sure they were saving it for who knows what... hope it wasn't some creepy person!
When I started my blog I assumed it was just family, friends or other mummy blogs reading it. I'd posted to many photos of the kids in their uniforms etc, so I decided it was best to make it private. I haven't updated it for over a month but when I do I'll send an invite thingy. I'm slowly turning mummy's dress into mums notebook, but with out the kids names etc and more of a craft focus.
Anyway, off to dig through all the posts I've missed reading.

M-Cat said...


Not a want, but a need.

Easter gift - yeah I think so!

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