I Know I'm Late to the Joke

...and really I KNOW that the Bronx Zoo found the missing egyptian cobra

...and really I KNOW that the cobra never actually left the Reptile House, which makes sense since it's sub-zero degrees in NYC right now (serpently-speaking here) and snakes are normally cold-blooded anyhow, AND this cobra's naturally from a freakishly hot climate (which would make NYC a freakishly UNNATURAL climate, from the snake's perspective)

...and really I KNOW that the cobra's twitter page is a week old now, and a complete hoax

...and really I HATE snakes altogether (especially cobras, thanks to Indiana Jones)

...and really I COULD CARE LESS about Charlie Sheen and his dismal choices, and dismal lifestyle, and dismal mental breakdown (though Hader's portrayal of him on SNL was prize-winning...lol, *WINNING*)

...but the following tweet on the cobra's page is HILARIOUS:

What a world we live in, no?

1 comment:

Garden of Egan said...

Gotta agree with you on that one.

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