Things Have Been Wild n' Crazy

...and I'll find time for a ketchup-post hopefully over the next week which is Spring Break here.  But for now, you'll just have to suffice with this small offering from the winding down of RommaDon 2011. 

Tuesday was Mr LKP's & my 9th wedding anniversary.  We spent it around our fire pit roasting hot dogs & marshmallows and basking in the mega-fire (that I built, woot woot for mad girls camp skills!) and it's warmth.  That's it.  I'm ok with that since Mr LKP had to be to the truck yard at 3am the next morning.  Plus, it was definitely enjoyable to just sit in one quiet place for a while with him.  A place without the constant demands of our time & attention.

What's great is Mini-Me joined in for some hot dogs and marshmallows, but then she disappeared into the house for a bit.  Odd, but at the same time not since she's been working hard to get every last ounce of school work & extra credit in that she can this week, as her school wraps up 3rd quarter tomorrow. 

Imagine our surprise when she reemerged from the house with a shoe box, tossed it at our feet, said "Happy Anniversary" and then ran back into the house.  Inside was a sweet, ENORMOUS handmade card (from her giant sketch pad) and this gift certificate:
Let it be known that Mini-Me DOES make amazing ramen.  Not that I'm a big ramen fan, but she's pretty talented at it.  Every artist has their favorite medium.  One of Mini-me's is ramen.  Plain & simple.  :)

Hope your dinner tonight is as glamorous and smile-inducing as ours!


Lisa Loo said...

Awwww. that is the SWEETEST thing EVER!!! Happy ANniversary!

2browndawgs.com said...

How sweet! Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for stopping by...hugs right back at you. :)

M-Cat said...

How cute of Mini-me! Those are the best presents ever and I bet it was the best tasting Ramen EVER!

Happy anniversary!

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