Remember That 2-hr Delay????

Ya know, the one I was all amped up over?

Well, it came, it went....I was all stoked to be cozy in my PJ pants & socks to work on stuff here in the house this morning.  Mini-Me wasn't feeling rushed at all, especially since she'd had PLENTY of time to get ready so I didn't have to raise my voice even once!  (Though we realized last minute that she didn't have snow boots yet for this year, since last year's boots were waaaaay too small, and we donated them to Goodwill at the beginning of the school year with intentions of picking up new ones.  Well guess what I'd forgotten to pick up in the past 3 or 4 months since then?  You got it.  Snow boots.  And too bad she's not in kids sizes anymore....AND her feet are even too big to wear MINE!  Yikes, I never thought that day would come...ever.  So instead she went in her weather-proofed hiking boots from Girls Camp.)

Well, I heard the bus pull up a few minutes early.  Then I didn't hear it leave. 

After a couple minutes, I glanced to see if the driver was just waiting for a few stragglers to arrive since she was there sooner than most people were expecting her.  Sure enough, the bus was still there. 

Oddly, there weren't any lights on or flashing on it at all. 

I went about some small tasks, rechecking through the window every few minutes or so.  It was still sitting there.  Figured there'd already been some issues with trouble-makers this morning or something....and that's when it happened:

I got a phone call from an unfamiliar cell number....it was Mini-Me.

The bus had BROKEN DOWN!

Since she was already aboard the bus when it happened, the driver couldn't release her from the bus until I came to get her.  Lol.

So, I grabbed my snowgear, my purse & keys.  Then locked up Willow.  Ran out to my rig to start it along with the defrost.  Then I walked up to the top of our driveway so Mini-Me could get off the bus.

They did send a rescue bus for the kids who couldn't reach their parents & a maintenance crew came out to assess the problem, but there it was deserted with it's awesome orange emergency triangles up.  

I decided to just drive her in to school myself, which was really okay since I needed to go pick up some snow boots for her & a few other things in town today anyhow. 

So here I am, already back at the Ranch, with my in-town errands having been completely run, bad roads & all.....and there still sits that bus, on the road above our house!  (Matter of fact the tow truck just showed up to haul it away in the last few minutes.  Lol.)

It's kind of comical. 

Of all places, in front of the Ranch.  Of all times, on a 2-hr delay morning due to rotten roads and JUST after Mini-Me boards & gets seated.   
(If it CAN happen, it WILL!---story of our RommaLamaDingDong life!)

I don't know why it cracks me up so much, except that it all made me very grateful for my decision to quit my FT job to be home with Mini-Me.  Hard to believe it's been a year since that decision.  (As in a year this week!) 

What a way to celebrate an anniversary like that, then to have something big & quirky to remind me how important I still am to my daughter & her life. 

Even though she's practically taller than me, wears shoes that are bigger than mine....I still feel relevant

And I love it!


Connie said...

I absolutely love your header!
There's something to be said about being a full time mom. It may not bring in the moolah but it's priceless!
I bet there were tons of kids late for school this morning in spite of the 2 hour delay!

The first snow fall of the season is always exciting! Hope you have a great Monday night!

LKP said...

thanks for the header kudos, connie! :)
i'm kind of obsessed with it myself. hee hee.
you're right about being a SAHM, it's not the most glamorous gig, but it's by far the most rewarding one.
and you're not kidding, there were a lot of late kids this morning. thanks for the monday love, have a great monday night yourself!

Garden of Egan said...

That snow is beautiful! Sounds like you'll be geting more as well.
We're getting blasted.
Snow is cancelled again tomorrow.

I hope you plan on staying here in January!

LKP said...

if we head that way, i was hoping the invite was still open! :) i wouldn't want to stay anywhere else. yeah, we might have 10 inches fall through the night. plus there's massive snow storm warnings out tonight, considering where we are, a normal winter night may consist of black ice.....add to the these conditions,
and black ice is a given! i'm only starting to get nervous, as Mr LKP's not home yet.....last i talked to him, he was having to keep the semi's speed down to 35 mph....and he may not be home until at least 10pm. scary. especially since he was supposed to be home around 2pm or so. anyhow. i love you.
keep him & his driving in your thoughts please. this is the season that being a trucker's wife is really gnarly!

erickson zone said...

That is a whopper of a story. That is nice that you were there to help out Daisy.How funny that it happened right in front of your house and right after she got on no less.

S.I.F. said...

Oh my gosh! That is hysterical!!

And that poor bus driver!

Anonymous said...

Hope Mr LKP made it home safely. Truck driving in a snowstorm is a tough job.

But LOOK at all of your snow! Thunder and Storm are so jealous of your doggies getting to romp in snow. We had 60 degrees yesterday.

Chels said...

I get anxiety driving my Jeep or any car in the snow - let alone a big bus. Yeesh!

I prefer the sun. :)

LKP said...

mr LKP did in fact make it home safely, and an hour earlier than we had figured! however, he didn't make it far from the yard, where he stores the semi, in his POV when a rear tire blew in the MIDDLE OF LAST NIGHT'S BLIZARD!!!! no lie only about 2-3% visibility! his dad went and picked him up where he was stranded, and then i had to take on the drive (normally 10 minutes to my FIL's house, but it actually took about 25 minutes to get there!) to pick him up. totally craptastic!

as for our dogs in the snow, they ALL love it! little Willow, less so. Sir Linus however, today, looked like a dog turd rolled in a snowball! ya know where a little brown shows through here & there, but otherwise complete snowball as he exploded through every drift he could find....and he loves to play snow shovel with his mouth! what a complete card. i think the dogs come more alive in the snow than during the rest of the warmer temps of the year!

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