Grateful for Beanies

I'm sure I sound obsessed with this snowfall...and maybe I am!
But I'm more than alright with that.

Part of me was gearing up again this year for the disappointment of a dry/muddy holiday season that's quite common here over the last decade.

Perhaps it's been the adult-me mourning for the sake of letting the kid-me go.
As a child I only remember snow in the winter. Now, as an adult, I see the reality of here, and I'm thinking that's another part of why Idaho winters suited us so well...kind of meant I didn't have to let that part of me go just yet. :)

Plus, the me of today is relishing this awesome weather, sooner than later as was expected, because it's ushered in BEANIE SEASON!!!

No lie.  Best thing ever since I just have to be sure my hair's clean, not necessarily cute 'cause I love living in my beanies! I'm quite giddy over that sweet detail. :)

Have a warm & comfortable day!


Chels said...

I'm pretty sure I'm grateful for snow today because I get to leave work 2 hours early because the blizzard of the century is about to hit. Weeeeeee! ;)

Valerie said...

Wish I looked that cute in a beanie! I just saw a cute one at the store yesterday. I never wear them though.

Siera said...

Enjoy your winter! If we get any of the white stuff here the whole city loses its marbles. And I thought I was in Canada.

Kim said...

Cute pic! Love the beanie! We had a winter blizzard warning yesterday, everyone was "freaking" out! I wish I would have had my beanie when I was walking out to the car and the wind was blowing, but the blizzard ended up being more wind than snow.

Love you

Ann Marie said...

Very cute picture! I love hats!
~ And I LOVE when people are passionate about things.. so obsess away!

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