BTW, today's kind of a BIG DEAL....at least in the United States of LKP... 

We're talking a BANNER day... 

Ladies & Gentlemen, we not only have an online storefront,  but we have a...  

Now www.latchkeyphotography.com will take you straight to the blog!!!

Woo hoo!  Will make it a lot easier to give the site to clients & their families.  (latchkeyphotography.blogspot.com WAS a little on the longwinded side, if you know what I mean.)   
And the blog now has a sidebar link to the storefront!

I might need to lay down just to get my heart rate back under control.
...who'm I kidding?!
Yeah right.  I'm off to redesign my BIZ cards!!!

::fingers tapping::
....Hmmmm....maybe I need a blogger button too....

K, love ya, mean it!

(Please forgive all the gratuitous exclamation point usage.)


Chels said...

Woo hoooo! WWWs are fun... Not that I have one. I only assume. ;)

Garden of Egan said...

Wow! You're a dot.com!!!!!!
Famousness for sure!
Off to check it out.

Finished the wedding tonight! Woohoo!!!
Doing the prebridals was so much easier. I didn't have to worry about other peoples.

Glad I did it.

ericksons said...

Way to go! That is awesome! My links weren't working properly from your blog, but I'll get it to work and check it out.

About Monday...We'll plan to meet at 4:00ish then? Where do you want us to go? I like the look of rustic, grass fields, doors, bricks, laughing kids...Does that help? I would like to get some individuals of the kids for our 8x10s down the hall as well.

Nikki said...

That's so cool... you're a dot com :) I'll go check it out in a minute. oyou do much photography? I love taking he photo's.... just dislike the editing!
I love your new profile pic in the sidebar... you look beautiful!
I've got alot of reading to catch up on. Kids have been at camp all week and I was so heading to bed straight after dinner. I don't know where they get all their energy.
Happy weekend xx

ericksons said...

Sounds good-Walgreens on 68. It might be a little after 4:00 just because we get Emma at 10 til 3:00. We'll try to be as on time as possible. Thanks so much Keely!

Valerie said...


ericksons said...

I thought maybe it would be helpful to exchange #s-899.2724 See ya tomorrow!

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