Little, Skinny Green Wall...Revisited

Aside from running interference with the Willow-Puppy rodeo all. weekend. long....and patiently waiting for Mr LKP's paycheck to FINALLY show-up so I could pick up a few grocery staple items...and then return promptly home so as to not waste more gas....and KEEP waiting for Mr LKP to return from his trucking run to Olympia.....I was a typical woman.

That's right,

Hey, ya do what you gotta do when you can't attend the local HS football game OR attend the annual Sausagefest (which you've never missed all your life that you've lived in the TC's!!!!) due to being in the poorhouse (...stupid mortgage!)...

So, I was staring at my cubicle of a living room, and decided I still loved the Rainforest Fern.  However, something was just feeling VERY off. 

I therefore, played around with a few ideas in my head, whipped out my black apple barrel acryllic paint...presto-change-o'd a frame...shuffled some things around...and VOILA!

Much, much better.

Feels definitely like home now.  I just gotta run to the pump house and get my fall decor tote out and Autumn the heck out of it and we'll be perfectly content until Thanksgiving!

(Though I DO need to tack the back of the bookshelf on....a girl's work is never done!)


annie valentine said...

I thought you should know that I'm currently failing miserably at my plan. Girlfriend, I am so far from awesome it's not even funny.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love to move things around too. We moved a table from one room to another over the weekend. It looks so much better in its new spot.

Found you on Mom Loop!

M-Cat said...

I'm loving the green wall.

And you really said Sausagefest? LOL

Nikki said...

Your green skinny wall is a muched loved wall :) Looks good! I haven't ha time to makea FHE board, but it's on my long list of things to do.
I'm still spring cleaning....yesterday I spent the day moving things around in the kitchen.

Cherie said...

I really love the green wall Keely - I think all your revisions look great!! Sometimes you just have to play around till you get the right look and feel :-D

Paige said...

Good job. Rearranging things always makes a room feel nice. And paint is awesome!

Heather said...

Good job!! I love that you painted the frame to the picture to match!! Everything looks great!!

S.I.F. said...

Loving the revision! Perfect!!

I'm thinking you should come re-decorate for me next please! ;)

Valerie said...

I never would have thought to put that color on a wall, but I LOVE it. It's beautiful.

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