Oh Blog How I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways...

....well maybe not like I love my family. But I do love blogging.

Ok, so what a great week of blog/self-reflection!  And today's no exception.  The SITS Back-2-Blogging challenge today is to post about why I blog, what it means to me, and the purpose my blog serves in my life, as well as any benefits I get from blogging.

  • I blog to avoid doing my housework!
  • I blog instead of keeping a hand-written journal.  At least there's spell check on my ramblings here!
  • I blog because I'm bored.
  • I blog because I want my awesome family & our escapades out there to help anyone else realize that they are NORMAL.
  • I blog because I feel compelled to.
  • I blog because there is seriously nothing more AWESOME or urgent than the moment-to-moment coverage of the happenings on the Ranch...or strike threats from the Confederation of Gusty Ridge Ranch Critters!
  • I blog because I'm a photographer, and it's perfect for bouncing shoots & ideas off of others.
  • I blog because it keeps our extended family & friends in the loop with our crazy-busy life.
  • I blog so I can become better. So I can reflect back on where I've been, what I've done, and reinvent myself so I can become better. (Including a better cook, thanks to all you master-chefs who have saved my cookin'-behind, time & time again!)
  • I blog because I've made PHENOMENAL blogging friends out here, and I want to keep 'em.  Forever.  And ever.  So I guess that means I blog in order to stay connected.

So that's the why part and the purpose parts, in a nutshell.

What blogging means to me, though? 
Oi vey.

That's a hard riddle to solve....Blogging means a lot to me. It's my niche in this world, even if I'm the only one reading & re-reading my posts. ::snicker:: It's my corner of free-speech. It's my constant source of creativity & inspiration, whether through words or my photos or crafts...it's an outlet. It's also my social life outside of church and my family and volleyball and my family. Living on the Ranch in the boondocks can get lonely, just me and the dogs and the rooster and the crickets...during the day. It's also a place for me to process through stuff I'm dealing with. Therefore blogging has opened a lot of aspects of my life up. It's very cathartic. Which I need more of in my life. So I'm better because I blog.

As far as the benefits I've received from blogging is concerned, I've only got a complicated answer to add to what I've already shared with you today....and bear with me, cause I feel the tears a-brewin'.  Blogging has benefited my life the same way any stretch has blessed me.

I was contemplating this the last time I was driving home from Idaho & Oregon.
Consequently, I had an IMMENSE epiphany:

Each time I go beyond my initial comfort zone, there is growth.  So the greatest benefits are the moments of progress.  For instance, there was a lot of progress in my life while we lived in Rexburg, ID a few years back.  Same with blogging.  Oodles of progress.

Since moving back from Idaho though, in the past couple years (despite there still being some growth), for some reason I've hit what have felt like stagnant pockets in life. Ya know what I mean?  Times when I've thought "what am I even doing here?" or "why bother?"

However, when I've been able to get back to revisit places & people in Rexburg, I'm reminded of the progress and goodness that came from our growth in Idaho.

When I revisit a previous post, or receive a comment from someone else, or even visit other blogs, not only does new growth occur but I'm able to recognize and remember the growth that has taken place.  Leaps and bounds, people!

For this reason, Rexburg will always be a beloved "home" for me.  Same with blogging.  My blog is one of my beloved "homes" as well.

OK, why???
Well, what's great about ANY home?  What makes a home?


The knowledge that we are not forgotten, and that we make a difference, as well as a sense of belonging.

While coming through the Gorge, listening to Mercy River's rendition of "Nearer My God to Thee" and processing all these thoughts, I felt the Spirit whisper in my mind:
"...Keely, you are not forgotten..." 
That was it.  It was what I needed to hear & remember & believe about me.

I AM a daughter of my Heavenly Father, who loves me, and I love Him!

That's the benefit I find in blogging.
I know I'm valid.
I know I belong.
I know I'm not forgotten...Not by others around me, and definitely not by my Heavenly Father.

Considering how life tends to creep up on us and overwhelm, and discredit us it seems, we all need to remember and feel this about ourselves more often.

So blog, people!  Blog away!


Thanks for tagging along this week!  Enjoy your weekend.  Happy Friday!

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Cherie said...

You crack me up on a daily basis girl! You have more to blog about than anyone I know so it is a DANG good thing that you love it so much!

I am here to validate you today :-D
Love ya my friend :-D

Karen said...

Okay...must admit, I use blogging as an excuse to avoid housework sometimes. Shhhhh! :>:> Like right now, my inlaws are going to be here in an hour and I still need to finish cleaning the bathroom....but, instead, I hopped here from SITS. And ya know what?! I'm glad I did. I enjoyed your post! :>

Kim said...

I love how we meed new bloggy friends.
How it helps us to avoid housework.
How it lets us have access to family and lives
But most of all I love the validation blogging brings from everyone wether real or imaginary.
Blogging is AWESOME.

Have a great weekend--I'm off to one of the local HS football games and then off to work to try out the ER. Can't wait :)

Nikki said...

I love your blog... I love your honesty and you're so funny.
Blogs aren't very popular down under...I on't have any real life friends who blog. I often get asked why I blog. I blog to keep etended family and friends updated on our crazy life. I blog to avoid housework. I blog to share my photo's. I love all the beautiful comments people leave. I love making friendships with bloggy friends from around the world... like you!

Nikki said...

sorry for all the typo's...it's 6am on Sunday morning and I'm still lying in bed half asleep.
We're off to church at 9.30am.. Ezra's alreay dressed and ready to go

Karen Peterson said...

Those are all really great reasons to blog.

It's helped me in ways I can't even describe. The biggest reason is that it's given me opportunities to meet like-minded people that I would never otherwise have met. The world is so much smaller when you're a blogger!

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