On the Road Again!

So it's still dark outside, but Mini-Me and I are off like a bullet.

Us darned girls have deserted a darned dad, Mr LKP, as we venture off to Idaho!
(He has to work all Labor Day weekend-long, poor guy trucking his guts out.  At least the dogs'll keep him good company while we're away.)

Why pray tell Idaho?

For one of my amazing YW, from days of yore, who's getting married!

We plan to have a delightful time. Enjoy the journey. See this gal, and maybe see this gal again, and hopefully this other sweet YW if we can swing it, and definitely check out my SIL's new digs!

Also, we may possibly break the rules just for a little Craigo's....and a cupcake or two from The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe! (I've only been dreaming of that place since my LAST visit to the 'burg.)

We're hoping to definitely catch up with my old radio station family....and hope to meet up with this cool gal and maybe even see my old pal THE HOG & his beautiful wife and gorgeous little girl. We shall see how it turns out.

Full report to come.

In the meantime, have a fabulous 4 or 5 days without a peep from the Ranch...maybe a picture here & there, but not too many words.

So, don't worry be happy!


Nikki said...

Hope you have a fun road trip :)

Kim said...

Sounds fun! Have a great time! Can't wait for the full report.

Garden of Egan said...

Drive careful little Missy.
Hopefully Mr LKP will survive without ya!

Drive CAREFUL. It's gonna be a crazy weekend.

We'll leave the light on!

gigi said...

Enjoy your trip and squeze Tauna for me :) I'm hoping to get to meet her in October :)

M-Cat said...

Have so much fuN!

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