Truly-Madly-Deeply in Love!

I'm smitten with Mr LKP's handiwork.
I told him what I wanted, and he kicked it out in one weekend.
Now my kitchen's fully unpacked.
And all my dishes look so lovely, thanks to my hero.... what shelves.... what a guy!


Nikki said...

The shelves look wonderful... I love open shelves a great way of displaying and storing your things. Your kitchen is so tidy and organised.
Way to go Mr LKP :)

Cherie said...

Those look SO GOOD!! What a great job Seth did!!
Your kitchen looks beautiful. Way to take the bull by the horns and make it happen!

NaDell said...

Did he add those spotlights too? Your shelves look very nice.

Chels said...

Oh my gosh! That looks great! Don't you love husbands that do your bidding? ;)

LKP said...

ok, yeah, so this husband completely freaking rocks!

NaDell- he didn't add the track lighting, it was already there...spotlighting a bare wall. pointless. =) worked out well in the end though.

Nikki & Cherie- thanks. feels so much better to have it all in order, and not tripping over cardboard boxes! =)

Chels- you ain't kidding. so nice when husbands hear our needs and see to them. awesome!

ya know what else? as i was putting my dishes up, i realized i apparently have an obsession with white dishes! hadn't realized until having 'em rounded up throughout the house & from the boxes, all together on the same shelves. so clean. so classic. so happy! =)

Stacey said...

It looks great! It's nice to be married to a handy man. My man is handy, I just have to get him to finish what he starts! LOL

jen said...

It looks like a BH&G spread. You are so lucky. Wow. What an eye you have. And what a man. Mine could find someone to hang them for me!

S.I.F. said...

I am officially jealous of your beautiful kitchen! Mine needs A LOT of work! ;)

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