Ring-Master Alert!

Am I the only one who got the Victoria's Secret survey about PINK in their inbox?  
Also, am I the only one who's grown tired of the circus that place has turned into?
(You gotta know that's HUGE for me to say, since I worked there & spent many paychecks there in college.)

Alright, confession time.  
At the end of the survey, when they asked if I had anything more to say...well, you better believe I did!  No offense to anyone who's into the circus of it all, but I'm tired of it and told 'em so.

Here's what I said:
"Less fluff, more functionality & practical performance, please.  
Looking good doesn't mean scary-bright colors & words plastered across the deirierre.  Or loud, obnoxious packaging on beauty items for that matter.  We're your audience.  We're standing right here.  Where's the need for yelling "Victoria's Secret!" or "Pink!"????  
Give us more bang for our buck in the way of fantastic structure in foundation garments...beauty comes from the softness or comfort of the materials used.  
Give us products that LAST & hold up to more than just standing/lying around in our undies all day!  
Those of us who keep VS going are hardworking, get-our-hands-dirty kind of ladies.  We're the one's who pay your wages.  So out of respect, give us products that work as hard as we do.  Then we'll have no problem jumping on-board your bandwagon more.  Just sayin'...cut the fluff.  
Quit marketing to us as if we're all college co-eds.  Give us something that makes us feel good about ourselves & our bodies.  Don't demean us with flashy high-school targeted crap.  It makes us feel cheap.  
Celebrate the female body, don't turn us into sideshow attractions.
Thank you."

What do you think?  Too harsh?


Cherie said...

Honesty, I have never really shopped here. I got married young and none of the stuff in VS really goes with the "Garms" if you know what I mean!
I do have a HUGE problem with their display windows of almost naked mannequins and very sexy dressed mannequins (that look almost real). Our VS is smack dab in the middle of the mall so all young boys and married men get a gander of it - to me it might as well be porn.
Have complained but they don't care. Have complained to mall management - they also don't care. Sigh......

Nikki said...

I like your letter. I don't think it's too harsh.... just heart felt.
We don't have Victora Secet stores here but you can buy it from some up market shops.
I don't like big writing on underwear beacause when I bend over in my low cut skinny jeans I feel like a billboard for that company ;)

Chels said...

Victoria Secret is way too expensive for me. However, the next time I need to write a letter of complaint, I'm coming to you. Haha.

Connie said...

YES!!! You said it well! I like their lotions but don't do much other shopping there. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate a good letter! Way to go!

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