The Vintage Prom Report

So, in the archives, I found this drafted post which I started a gajillion days ago.
I've got pictures around here somewhere.  Let's see what I can dig out to go with all this.
Apparently I forgot to finish it & get this out.  So, please excuse the tardiness in its publishing.

Here you are.  All the gory details for your visual feasting!
Throughout the night we had about 30 attend.  About 70 less
than we'd hoped for, but it was fun nonetheless.  Those who
didn't come totally missed out!  Especially on Steve's
"wardrobe malfunction" & then the rebirth of his vintage image!
I'm still laughing over it all.  Only Steve can make splitting his pants
the HIGHLIGHT of the prom.  At least he did it with style!  =D

The last little dealio is Steve & Mr LKP relishing in taking down
all the crepe paper decorations.  Funny how decor that took 2 days
to put up, can come down in less than 10 minutes!

Thanks to all who came & enjoyed themselves. That's what it was all about.
Definitely a high-note to leave the ward on. 

Thanks Pasco 8th, the past 2+ years have been a delight!

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Cherie said...

Keely you are such a genious my friend - so so talented!!!! This was one of my favorite ideas that you had and I could not wait to see how it turned out.
It is awesome (as are you!) - I love the decor - the streamers are GREAT - the tables beautiful.
Those light blue tux's are THE BOMB! Where they found those I will never know but they definately say 70's - So cool!!
I just realized when I read the end that you have moved from that ward and probably been released. They are going to miss you so much! I hope they realize all the hard work you went through for all your super activities and appreciate you - You rock!!!!

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