Some Murmuring a-Brewin

  • It's 6:14pm and the power company has still not reconnected our power.
  • We're still dry as a bone.
  • Turns out there needed to be a new permit with the county, even though it was lightning & not remodeling that took place...well, I guess it's God's way of remodeling.  Why didn't they tell HIM to get a permit?
  • Mr LKP may have possibly unleashed some expletives on the lady at the power company, since his family & animals & pasture still have no water at 54 hours since the incident occurred.
  • No permit was originally mentioned when Mr LKP spoke with them on Saturday.
  • There might possibly be a hit ordered out on the power company lady that was so rude. (kidding!)
  • I may or may not smell a bit ripe since last shower was late Saturday.
  • Same goes for Mr LKP.
  • Same goes for Mini-Me (though she showered for church at Grandma's).
  • Our patience may be starting to wear very, very thin.
  • Mr LKP may have told the power company lady to get off her dead butt and haul some water to us herself.

And now, ladies & gentlemen, instead of grumbling further...I think I'll head in to my MIL's for a refreshing shower.  Hopefully it'll return me back to my sweet, faithful, look-for-the-silver-lining self.


Connie said...

How FRUSTRATING!! I think I may have said a few expletives to the person on the other end of the phone!
A shower will make you feel better, especially when it's at your own house!

Nikki said...

I can't believe you're still 'dry'.... I'd be getting a little pee'd off with them. Hope it gets sorted soon :)

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