The meter base has been replaced.  And the absolute gem of an electrician even came inside & replaced a bad GFCI outlet that has had one of my entire kitchen walls completely out of order power-wise since BEFORE we moved in!  I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it is to not have only 2 outlets total to work all my appliances off of now.

Good bye Mr. Extension-Cord.
I'm officially and FINALLY breaking up with you!  I've decided to cease being dependent upon you for everything.

So glad to have that wall o' power finally, but still sad because as of now (3:47pm) the power company has still not made their grand entrance to re-hook everything back up.  So, we're still dumping a gallon or 2 at a time into the back of the toilet in order to do what most people don't even think about, a gajillion times a day!  (Humbling, that's for sure.)

The plus side of this dry-spell is that we've been inside all day, OUT of the blistering heat.  Had the water been on, we'd finally have our pool up & going, and we'd have been there all day.  But being inside with A/C is nice.  Quite lovely & allows me to think....and plan...and scheme....and clean & organize!  (Less of a happy emphasis on the clean part, but hey we've all got to, so whatev's.)  But the planning part I'm so stoked about today.

I love our little home.  It's quaint.  It's cozy.  It's about a handful in size, but manageable-ish.

What's not been so great is the realization after we bought it & moved in, is that:
  1. We didn't liquidate ENOUGH stuff before moving in, and  
  2.  There's not enough built-in storage.  And, no, I don't mean California Closets here folks.  Or even the lack of a shop (for now).  I mean not enough cupboards & pantry.  Period.  
(Please ignore all the stuff on the counter, table, & fridge.)

I barely have enough room to stash my everyday dishes & food, let alone any fancy stuff meant for entertaining.  And for those who've heard about our infamous game nights of old?  Yeah, that's a BIG DEAL for us not to have the room for our basics, let alone for when we have guests!

So, back to the scheming & planning.  All along I've thought we needed more cabinets.  Which we do.  And I figured, while we were at it we should also REPLACE the ones we have cause they're HIDEOUS!!! 

Seriously.  Who faux-finishes yellow paint onto cabinets?  I'm baffled entirely.  Add to that the circa 1995 country blue countertop.  YUCK TO THE EXTREME!  Hence the thought of re-doing it all.  And, according to Mr LKP he's onboard with the kitchen makeover, except we JUST bought this place & are kinda tapped when it comes to funding for BIG projects like that, just yet.

Without the funds to wipe the slate clean & do it how it should have properly been done in the first place, I've felt stuck.  Like hitting my head against a brick wall.  The wall won't move, but I keep thinking I'm more stubborn than it, and I will eventually win.  Plus, there's an urgent need to do SOMETHING since I can no longer live with a single cardboard box anymore.  No joke.  Cannot go on like this!  It's been 3 months since we moved in, and I started packing for the move in February!


Imagine my delight when I read PW's post about Open.  It was the epiphany I needed.  I'd seen photos before from their farmhouse, down south.  (And really, has there ever been anything that PW & her MIL's had a hand in that wasn't just plain lovely?  I think not.)  So, the lightbulb came on for me today as I stared at the lovely open shelves in both her farmhouse kitchen, and the lodge kitchen, and the lodge's bathroom! 
(PW's Family's Farm House)
(PW's Lodge Kitchen)
(PW's Lodge Guest Bathroom)
I couldn't stop salivating... 

I've been starving for a solution and, finally, there is was staring back at me from my computer screen!  Note that I'm not coveting what belongs to PW.  No, in fact, I just love the idea and want to make it work in my house too!

Before, seriously MONTHS & MONTHS ago, when I saw her shelves, my thoughts were: "so. much. dusting."  However, have cardboard taunt you long enough & before you know it, you're willing to do whatever it takes to be rid of the horrible beasts that have commandeered your life!!! 

On the plus side, if I decide in the end that I don't like shelves after all, they're a lot less permanent than a poor cupboard choice.  Economically speaking as well.  I mean, they can be taken down & the cabinetry I'm over the moon for can take it's place.
(I'm thinking something along the lines of this!)


Would you go for open shelves?  
Yes?  No?  Why?


Cherie said...

I personally am too messy for open shelves on a permanent basis but I can see your predicament and I would consider them as a temporary solution. I think you have to be pretty organized.
I think it would really look good in your space!

Chels said...

You mean you don't like yellow cabinets? C'mooon! ;)

I think I'm not organized enough to swing open shelves. It would just look like a big sneeze on my wall.

However, I can totally see them working in your place!

Nikki said...

I like the look of open shelves... but I'd worry about the dust. I like cupboards with doors to hide the mess :)

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