“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” ---Margaret Elizabeth Sangster


So, yep, I'm home.

Had a silly pre-camp-campout with our girls from church.  (Taught them first-aid.  We were loud & goofy---those poor other campers as we had whipped cream mustache wars, they enjoyed fettucini alfredo for dinner **WHO EATS THAT WHEN THEY'RE CAMPING?!**, water fights, and some great smore time around the fire, complete with songs & stargazing/navigating by the stars.  Batteries went dead in the camera, so this is all you get.)

Had a great week at Jr. Grange Camp.  (What a week of feeding rowdy boys & girls during the day, and playing co-warden at night!  The kids had all sorts of fun doing all sorts of campy things.  Daisy sang "Loathing" from Wicked for the whole camp.  We were treated to a Ghetto Ballet.  I got tricked into sitting on a huge, wet sponge in front of all the kids.  Daisy was crowned as one of the camp's princesses at the end of the week.  And we cooks gave out our very first "Golden Spoon" ((a large glittered yellow stirring spoon)) & "Biggest Kitchen Pest" ((glittered & bejeweled fly swatter)) counselor/CIT awards for the counselor who had to wash to most dishes & the one who was the biggest pest for snacks & goodies.  Good times, no sleep, came home exhausted!  Slept 16 hrs the first night home, battled a sore throat & then packed for Girls Camp.)

Met my husband's welcome-home-from-Jr. Grange Camp-you-awesome-wifey gift:
Rodney the Rooster!  (Isn't he stunning?)

Had an edifying week at Girls Camp.  (Camped at Camp Zarahemla, old-school-style, in tents---hallelujah!  Had squirrel visitors on a regular basis.  Even INTO the leaders tent.  One sat on my foot while I was writing in my journal!  I think he loved us for the peanut M&M's the YW Prez had stashed inside.  The theme was "Be of Good Courage."  Went on the 3rd year hike.  Crossed a fallen log just inches above a raging, glacial river!  It made me miss all my friends from Girls Camps of my past.  They were all on my mind: Rosie, Hauni, April, Jessica, Wendy, Ginger, and so many more!  I got to teach our FHE lesson on "You're Never Alone" based on how Heavenly Father's always with us in so many different ways & all because He's told us in D&C 18:10.  It was a privilege.  For our ward's skit, the girls put on "Zarahemla's Got Talent!"  Everyone of us participated in one way or another---one girl & I were security, clad in 70's-ish paper handlebar mustaches & aviator sunglasses.  Our "Paula"--the YW Prez--just about stole the show.  Leaders from then on were referring to her as "Sister Abdul."  Was awesome!  We even learned a bunch of stuff from the "Manly Men."  And the stake's skit was a blast as they "camped out" all sorts of Christmas songs.  By far, the cooks' synchronized swimming routine won us all over.  Made me want to make them all some gold medals!  Thoroughly enjoyed THE best youth fireside ever, where we experienced Lehi & Nephi's dream firsthand.  Felt like Heaven.  Even came away with my own fruit of the tree!)

Celebrated our nation's independence, welcomed a newly-minted teenager  into our lives, and witnessed a new meetinghouse's dedication.  (Happy belated 4th of July to all, and we're very excited about the completed & beautiful Parley Building.  As for the teenager, the jury's still out & my worry lines are already starting to mass produce!  Oh yeah, and this new teenaged Mini-Me got the perm she's been begging for.)

Spent a well-deserved week off just at home, "uncamping" my life.  (Did nothing noteworthy besides worked on the dog kennel, watched Farmer LKP & Mini-Me de-sagebrush some of the property & create a new driveway outlet to the property, avoided the world-except for volleyball, survived a sweltering week of extreme temps on the ranch, caught a minor league ballgame...oh, and prepped a RS lesson on the Atonement.)

Learning to rock the fresh-faced look, since it's too hot for make-up.  Also, fell in love with a miracle-in-a-tube.  (Neutrogena's got a special place in my heart for this one.  The skin around my eye area feels so soft, like a million bucks!  And that's a problematic area for my face normally.  Now if they can bottle sleep for me, I'd buy that too!)

Prepped and packed and got Mini-Me off for our ward's week-long YW camping trip to the Oregon coast.  Literally they're camping in tents only a couple hundred yards from the beach!  Matter of fact, I just about fell over when I read the packing list, it said: "personal flotation device if you plan on going deeper than your knees into the ocean"...What?! Who would want to do THAT?!  And on the Oregon coast no less?!   (I reacted that way since I'm petrified of being in the ocean---well, mostly I'm scared of what's in it that I can't see. Mini-Me just said, "Mom, not everyone's afraid of the ocean." My retort was, "well, they should be!")  Add to that list "wetsuit, otherwise it'll take 10 minutes until you're numb from the 50 degree water, at which point it won't matter if you have a wetsuit or not"...Again, what?!   Oy vey!  Well, I'm figuring, she might as well enjoy it.  I may be terrified, but she shouldn't be, I guess. 

So, that's how things have been back at the ranch...er, uh, well, or AWAY from the ranch & back again!  Hope you've all had a great few weeks.  Missed ya tons.  Am still trying to get caught up on reading about your lives.  If I haven't said hi yet, consider it done right here & right now!

And since the kid's away, the parents will play.  Off for a Monday night date night.  (Those NEVER happen!)  So, toodles!


Cherie said...

So your ward Girls have Girls Camp and then in addition they go camping at the coast for a week?Cause that would be freakin' awesome!!
I too am terrified when I think about my kids in the ocean - "hello - there are things in the water you can't see!!" Ha Ha.
I kind of feel that way in lakes too - I don't like that you are in the water and cannot see what might be swimming around your legs - ick but I get over it or try not to think about it as much as the ocean.
Well I am just loving all your pictures. I am still trying to figure out if you went to 2 or 3 different camps. It all is a blur but whatever - Camping with the girls or the kids in the case of the Grange camp is just so fun. Don't they just totally bring out the energy that is within!!
I just love all the teenagers!
And speaking of...YOu have a teenager now! Woot Woot - Happy Birthday to Daisy - she is such a cute, cute girl. That night we met for dessert I thought it was funny how the boys sat at one end of the table and Daisy at the other. A little awkwardness (dumb boys)? Give them a couple years - she is a beauty! I am sure that was totally fine with the Red Velvet man (wink).
So glad to see you back in blogland.
Glad you rested well after all that camping.
Now we just need to plan October!!

Garden of Egan said...

Looks like you had too much fun. You must be started to get old. You slept for 16 hours? Yikes. Those young girls plumb wore you out.

Looks like you have had some pretty exciting times. Awesome about a new building.

Mini-me is absolutely darling. Love her perm!

jen said...

#1--Missed ya
#2--That is quite the post
#3--Next time, post a little more often :). It might save you from getting carpal tunnel.
#4--Running out to get that miracle in a tube!

Nicki said...

I can't believe the YW are going camping on the Oregon Coast. Why didn't I ever think of that. Oh wait, I would have had to plan it:) I'm excited for Daisy and like her hair. Glad you got a week to relax!

Nikki said...

You're back! That was a long camp.
Looks like a lot of fun... so many wonderful photo's.
I wonder if they sell that eye cream here... might have a look for it.
Hope you had fun date night.

S.I.F. said...

Such great pictures lady, and it looks like you had such a blast!! I now officially want to go back to camp! :)

And I am on my way out to pick up this miracle in a tube as we speak... so need me some of that!

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