We Interrupt Your Normally Scheduled Program...

...as we'll be "camped" to the rafters for the next several 
weeks!  That's right, peeps, they've let me back into the 
camping ring. My time in the camp penalty box has been 
served!  Woot woot!

~Pre-Camp Camp Out this week with the girls from church.
~Saturday I leave to assist my SIL, the head cook, as her 
  assistant for a week of Junior Grange camp for 200 
  screaming kids.  Mini-Me'll be one of 'em.
~A few days after returning home from there, Mini-me 
& I  will be headed up for a week of Girls Camp.
Lucky for us, July'll be more quiet.  
That is aside from Mini-Me turning 13 on the 4th of July (oy!), 
all sorts of open gym volleyball at the high school, and a rad 
volleyball tournament.  August will bring us 2 more camps 
(volleyball & Young Women's camp) + the big county fair. 

Farmer LKP'll be roughin' it on his own.  He assures me he's 
fully qualified to take care of himself, otherwise I would have
hired an LKP-sitter.  Though he DID threaten to hop on here
and try to figure this "hornswaggled bloggin' thing" out,
hehehehe...so if anything shows up that's OBVIOUSLY NOT
ME, then it's him.  Be warned.  Be afraid.  
Also, if you notice any smoke coming from the ranch, 
it's probably him burning his TV dinners.  

So enjoy some peace & quiet from the general direction of 
the ranch.  I'll be back with pictures of kids, fun, camping,
oodles of ensued hi-jinx, and more of the same ol' racket!


Cherie said...

Hey Girlie if you are going to be up in the middle of the night posting, then gosh dang it, I am going to comment in the middle of the night since Im not sleeping anyway! Dang pain :{
Hey I love your new look but I do kind of miss the Romma lama ding dongs! Very very awesome header though !

Cherie said...

So excited for all of your camping adventures coming up! What a blast !!
Have fun:)

LKP said...

thanks, i'm excited too. i think my last year at girls camp i was a 5th year or something. it's been a while. oh how i've missed it!
we'll have fun. i'll wish you could be there with us though, all the silliness. right up your alley!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

sounds busy and blissful! ;)

Connie said...

Ah, girls camp! Brings back great memories when I was younger and as a leader! Good luck, have fun and come back with lots of stories...to share!

Nicki said...

I almost said no to girls' camp because I'm cooking at the encampment the week before. But I thought, they'll never ask me again if I say no. I didn't want to go to the "penalty box" so I'll see you at girls' camp:)

Garden of Egan said...

Hey girl! Have a blast! I think you are gonna be the funnest ever!
I hope Mr LKP is able to figure out how to fix them dinners. Maybe he'll have to russel up some grub from the wild.
I look forward to a "guest" posting from him!

Sonora said...

I loved girl's camp. I hope you have a great time! I had to snicker at you husband trying to figure out this "hornswaggled bloggin' thing".

S.I.F. said...

So much fun! I was a camp counselor in high school and I always loved it! I've always thought the best job ever would be to own and run a camp of my own. Have you ever seen Indian Summer? Yeah... that's my dream!

And I figured out what is up with your link on Disqus now! It is: http://therommfamiy.blogspot.com/ Notice something missing? That's right, the 'l' is missing in family! It wasn't like that before... does your conspiracy theory by chance involve someone stealing your 'l'?

Nikki said...

Hope you have a fun time camping... looking forward to the photos :)

Rosie said...

Yay, you get to go back to girls camp! They must have forgiven you for the mishaps of when you were a youth;) Have fun....I wish I was going with you!

karen★ said...

I love Girls Camp! Have the best time ever & take your time! It will be nice for you to have a little break BUT make sure you let me know when you're back!

Nikki said...

How long is this camp? ;)

Julie said...

AH...hope you have an amazing, fun filled time!

Rosie said...

I'm waiting to hear ALL about it!!!!!

Heidi D said...

Abbey just got back from her first year of girls camp. She was so gross when we came to collect her, I was embarrassed to claim her as mine. I didn't recognize her at first, then AAAHHHRRG!!

Sorry I haven't commented lately. I'll try to be better. Hope your summer is going great. :))

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