Graduation Day

Aren't these guys so impressive?  Country dogs they may
now be, but lovely they've always been.  That is unless
they've found a skunk...a mama skunk....and her four
babies...yeah, THEN I don't wanna be within 100 yards
of 'em!  Lucky for us, THIS WEEK, they haven't had any
skunk run-ins.  ::phew!::
Look at how slinky Sir Linus is getting!  Can you believe
he's still got a month until his first birthday?!  He's massive.
Not great dane massive, but large for so young.  He's like
having a 100% pure "little boy" around here, only he's running
around on 4 legs!  He's into everything.  Wants to be wherever
dad goes. Tractor, or truck, or anything on wheels starts up he
thinks he needs to be in that cab or vehicle.  He's not a
chaser, unless dad drives off and Sir Linus thinks he needs
to go....then he'll follow dad as far as the highway, just so
dad'll stop & pick him up.  (Such a softy!  If it were me,
I'd holler at him until he learned to go home all his own.
Sometimes that might require a swift kick of motivation or two.
See just like children!  j/k)  Needless to say, we pen him
now, whenever Farmer LKP needs to run some errands.

But I digress.

Today, they graduated!
From these hideously smelly collars, to...
Hula's had a collar like this before, but the poor stripe had
seen better days.  Er, well, we'd seen the stripe on better days.
At the time of retiring the expired collars, there was no stripe
to be seen, at least not on the outside of the collar.  So, now
they're a little more classy & grown-up & matching
& swanky. I love it!  And I'm proud of me for only
destroying ONE of my thumbnails switching the tags from
collar to collar. Woo hoo!
On another note: what animal post would be complete
without a gratuitous photo of King Tuffy?  Exactly.
Doesn't he look like he's in camo?!  Lol.


S.I.F. said...

Sir Linus has the most BEAUTIFUL eyes!

LKP said...

thanks! i'll pass the compliment along. =)
never knew i'd adore a chessie so much! lol.

Garden of Egan said...

I love your aminals!

Deborama said...

LOVE your header! Im still trying to get inspired to do mine. I LOVE the tractor, that is Scott's favorite thing, to get out of his suit and tie on Saturdays and drive around the farm on a tractor! He begs people to let him help if there is a tractor involved!

Deborama said...

Hey it worked! It never lets me leave comments! Hurray!

karen★ said...

I cannot wait to have a dog and those 2 are so completely adorable!
p.s. is that your porch they are sitting on? so so pretty; i'm thinking about coming to visit you!

LKP said...

@tauna-my animals love you!
@deb-i'm so glad your comments are coming through now. =)
@karen-yep, that's my porch. so when you get to have a dog, the two we have are AWESOME breeds! the speckledish one is a catahoula hound, the brown one is a chesapeake bay retreiver. fantastic. the catahoula's probably been our absolute best. dog. ever. she is so smart. and loyal. and trainable. great with kids. gentle.
the chessie is a bit younger, but a little less gentle. still a bit of a blockhead when it comes to training. but fiercely loyal. extremely smart. anyhow, that's them.

ya'll have a great tuesday! =)

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