This Brightened My Day!

Lately, more than ANY other time in our marriage,
I've found myself repeating the following phrase:
"You just don't listen to your wife."
Consider that fact.
Now watch this video of Matt Townsend that has helped
me with my outlook, thanks to Rudy Family Ruckus for it.
I promise.
It'll be the best set of 5 minutes you've spent all day!

Guess what?!  He's, as a rule of thumb, NOT going to
listen to me 100% cause it's not in his repertoire.  And that's ok.
If it was in his repertoire, then I wouldn't be married to him,
I'd be married to a woman.  And frankly, there's only
room for ONE of those in this marriage!  Haha!
I'm grateful for the changed perspective I have now.  =)


Garden of Egan said...

He was a keynote speaker at CBC. I have never laughed so hard! He was fabulous!

Nikki said...

Thats a good video. When my husband says he's full, it's always followed by what did you eat today or didn't you like it? Hehehe... I guess he means his cavity is full :D

S.I.F. said...

I need to keep this in mind with dating in general... I tend to get frustrated and give up on the men in my life!

I really kind of feel sorry for the guy who actually ends up marrying me! :)

jen said...

Thanks for a little light viewing!

Julie said...

That is hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh! I needed it!!

LKP said...

it's funny. after showing this to my husband it's been non-stop jokes about his cavitiy being half-full or half-empty! hahaha...

Trench Mommy (Mandy) said...

Hi there! Glad to meet you through your stop at my blog frog community! Love your blue blog here...great color! (It's my fave!) I am good friends with Rudy Rukus and this video clip is funny! Glad it helped you re-adjust your focus on marriage! Sometimes laughter can help so much with our outlook, right?!

karen★ said...

Love this! (& your new blue!)

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