Sad Day

This post may seem out of character for my blog,
but I cannot shake it.  Gotta get this out.

I know when Michael Jackson passed away last year it seemed like EVERYONE & their cat were in great mourning.  Not gonna lie, I did enjoy his music.  But that's where it stopped.  I didn't wear black.  I didn't break down in tears.  I didn't even pay attention to all the tributes.  (I know, I must be a bad person.) It wasn't that I even celebrated his passing, I simply was not affected the way the rest of society seemed to be.  It's unfortunate for the rest of us to lose anyone at a young/er age.

I love baseball.  Always have.
And today, I'm more tripped up due to the loss of George Steinbrenner.  Maybe that seems silly to some, but to me he lived an impressive 80 years.  Not only was he THE most amazing team owner in sports history, having sorted the Yankees out & turned them back into a well-oiled machine of champions, but his fingerprint in the sport of baseball itself is indelible.  Through his 37 years as owner of the Yankees, sometimes filled with controversy, he touched the world.  Even if you weren't a big baseball fan, perhaps you were impacted by his influence in "Seinfeld" as George Costanza worked for the Yankees.  He even had a sense of humor that wouldn't stop short of even laughing at himself.
We could all be more like that, I think.
 Now, this may sound silly on the heels of Sunday's game, as I love the Mariners (call it geographic-loyalty), but the Yankees do hold a special place in my heart.  They have ever since Junior High.  Is it because of players such as Derek Jeter & A-Rod?  I actually can't stand A-Rod.  And though I'll admit Jeter has always been nice on the eyes, the answer is a loud & emphatic:
Not one player on his own has stolen my baseball heart.  It's been the entire Yankees franchise that had me from "hello."  That includes their owner, Mr. Steinbrenner & his drive for success.

After my daughter was born, I was even a little more of a fan of "The Boss" (of baseball, not Bruce Springsteen).  His birthday was also on the 4th of July.  I love my daughter & her personality...kinda makes sense that I would like & appreciate George Steinbrenner.  Hey, simply put, I'm kinda partial to 4th of July babies! 

Set all that aside, however, and more than his love for baseball & his Yankees, Mr. Steinbrenner's greatest legacy is the love of his FAMILY!  Yes, they definitely broke the mold with George.  It is said that his only passion that surpassed baseball was his family.  Yeah, that's right, this truly WAS George.  He respected his parents, took care of his sisters, doted on his own wife & kids.  That's what family is.  He completely got the fact that family is MOST important.  Unfortunately this kind of love & devotion to family has become quite rare.  For that example I am grateful for Mr. Steinbrenner, and in turn his legacy of family makes me more appreciative for my understanding of the Plan of Salvation & how I can still be together with my family forever after this life ends thanks to honoring temple covenants.
 Thanks, George, you will be missed.

(Funny, I haven't felt this down about losing a "big name" since the passing of Frank Sinatra.  No joke, wore black for an entire week of my senior year, when we lost Old Blue Eyes!)


Cherie said...

I think everyone is affected differently by people who have celebrity.
I remember when Elvis died my Mom was so upset, crying etc...I didn't get it but I was too busy listening to Michael Jackson.
We mourn those who are a part of our life in some way.
I'll be honest I don't know anything about this man but he sounds like a good guy. Sorry for your loss.

LKP said...

cherie, you're a gem! =)
you know what i was thinking? i didn't feel this way when Pres. Hinckley passed away either. now he was quite a man! i still remember where i was & what i was doing when i found out with him. matter of fact, that was the day that i finally received my young womanhood medallion! but i guess i didn't wonder who would fill his shoes. perhaps that's what i'm grapling with over steinbrenner's death. when frank sinatra passed away i think i wondered who could ever fill his void. truth is, no one could or has to date. steinbrenner's the same. no other owner seems to be made of the right stuff to shoulder what george did. does that make sense? with Pres. Hinckley, i never worried. cause we knew it was handled. not saying anyone can replace Pres. Hinckley, but the keys were passed on.

golly, it sounds like apples to oranges. and maybe that's just it. perhaps that's the distinction. the way of the world vs. the way of the Lord. kinda makes sense. i mostly mourn for the loss of his example to others...no time like the present to be a better example to whoever's watching, then eh?

Heidi D said...

Cyber hugs ((()))

Love ya!

karen★ said...

such a great post. we watched a whole thing about Mr. George last night & he did leave an amazing legacy. I love how you rounded it out with temple covenants. Everything always goes back to that basic knowledge, doesn't it?

Have a great day!

Lisa Loo said...

Ummm...no hating..but I had to google him. I am also outing myself as a non-lover of baseball but I try to be fair so I just don't do the whole sports watching thing. Oh--except hockey. My kids take me to games just to watch me morph into this crazy woman. Anyhoo-I AM sorry that you are feeling down--I felt that way for quite awhile after Pres. Hinckley and Heath Ledger died. Yes--Heath Ledger. I thought he was a brilliant young actor--nice to look at too--sorry--I'll stop now.

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