Game, Set, Match + Waiting with Bated Breath

I know, I know...
"LKP you already DID a swimwear post this season."

Yes, you are right.

Thing is, life hasn't slowed down enough for me to do anything about it!  Isn't that sad?  We're at minus 2 days and counting until my old office's annual Patient Appreciation Luau Celebration at the waterpark, which I'm helping with!  Not to mention, we're halfway through summer & I still only have my oldy-moldy suits.  (Now doesn't that paint a disgusting mental picture?!)

Really they're not moldly.  And the latest in the collection is just a little older than a year...I think.  Well 18 months old, tops!  However, none of them fit completely AND really they never did fit right to begin with.

Whatever fit the Southern hemisphere didn't fit the Northern hemisphere.  The Northern WAAAAY overshadows the Southern.  Just sayin' (and this has absolutely NOTHING to do with President Lincoln & who won the Civil War---though there's apparently an LKP civil war being waged as we speak!).  So I settled.  The little numbers I do have, where I could custom size tops & bottoms, weren't right since there wasn't enough coverage around the Equator....or the Tropic of Cancer for that matter.  The tankinis I found aren't long enough, and the bottoms too short.  So there's a little peekaboo Bellygate scandal going on right around the 13-years-later-pudgy-once-again-tummy area.  Now, to see my little albino belly swelling at the waistband, even in the slightest is shamefully DISGUSTING!!!

I see that in the mirror and think: "Self, this is not acceptable!  Were we not a flat-abbed/flat-tummied model at one point?  Were we not rocking some Pamela Anderson-lookalike compliments in the not so distant past?  Even in college, AFTER our baby, didn't we redeem our swimsuit-body?!  Self, pull yourself together!"

So at 2am, this morning, I did just that.  I pulled myself together.  I pulled my debit card out + pulled the Hapari website up.  I closed my eyes.  Placed the order.  Opened them briefly to see that my order was confirmed.  I was totally patting myself on the back, and only slightly concerned that my party's in 2 days...and I couldn't afford the $35 for overnight shipping.  Therefore $8 for 2-3 days shipping was what I went with.  In my gut, I was worried.  But that's my fault for waiting so long to order.  I was content with that bit of a worry.

I ordered this:

With this:

And this:

Guess what?!  One should NEVER order with their eyes closed!  When I actually read my confirmation email, it suddenly dawned on me that I had registered with the website BEFORE we bought Gusty Ridge Ranch & moved 2 months ago!  Oy vey.  Here's the other problem with ordering with your eyes closed at 2am, there's no one there to answer the phone to solve a dilemma at 2am!  So I instantly sent an email stating my worries & included the new address.  Zipped that off & figured I'd cover all my bases and left a message at their 866 number.  I crossed my fingers, threw some salt over my shoulder, spun around 3 times on my head, and went to bed hoping for the best, but wound up dreaming of the worst.

When the mystical Mr LKP woke me this morning, as he headed to work, I asked if we'd heard from Hapari or not.  He looked at me weird and asked, "Why?  Did you order a swimsuit or something?"  I think he thought I was still talking in my sleep.  I informed him that I definitely HAD ordered the suit, but had his permission & I saved 40 bucks.  Mr LKP sleeps pretty hard.  I know this, but apparently didn't realize exactly how hard, since I woke him from the couch and had him sit a few minutes with me at the computer to help me decide which suit to go with.  He chose his favorite, kissed me on the forehead, gave his blessing on the purchase, and went to bed.  Imagine my further surprise when, back to before he went to work, he said he didn't remember any of it.  Stinker!  (Don't fret I wasn't in trouble with him, he was just shocked that so much had occurred and he wasn't truly awake.  Makes ya wonder, right?)

Anyhow, I sent him off to work, and hopped online.  To my delight there was an email from Janessa at Hapari!  She is my guardian angel.  She'd gotten both the email and my voicemail and had already corrected the address issue, and assured me that I would have my suit Friday before my party!!!
{{insert Hallelujah! chorus here}}

So I replied with my email of gratitude and immediately went about creating this post to send you all over to their site.  There's not a single less-than-sunny review of their suits on the site, and there's a gajillion reviews!  That's refreshing.  They also have news clips on their blog that showcase their suits on everyday women.  Made it easier for me to gauge how a suit may work for me than on the 2-D photos of the same 3 perfect models in their catalog section.  Plus, I'd say I'm MORE than pleased with their customer service.  So take this as your very own, personally embossed invitation to Hapari!
You won't be disappointed.

And to think that THAT was where my post was going to wrap-up & be delivered to your Google Readers.  Huh!  Hapari has gone and outdone themselves within minutes.  No joke!

While composing this, Janessa called.  Stated that she was reading further in my email, from earlier this morning, about my sizing issues.  She stated the bottoms I'd ordered would be perfect, but after seeing my measurements she's thinking the top I ordered might be a bit snug and so she was adding the next size up into my order, so that way I wasn't still without a suit for Friday's waterbash!  Awesome, no?!

I of course clarified that we would just be adding the cost of that top to my existing order, so I should expect the additional $54 to my already anticipated charge...yeah?  She said she'd hold onto my CC info just in case I kept both, but otherwise was going to toss it in, and whichever didn't fit I could just ship back.


Have you ever received such customer service and faith in the consumer in your life?!  I haven't.  I studied business (amongst other things) in college, and really nowadays, business students only read about this in customer service case-studies of Nordstrom & maybe 1 or 2 incidents involving Starbucks!  Unprecidented in the world of swimwear, that's for sure!!!  I'm completely blown away.  So, don't just head over to Hapari, RUN FORREST RUN!!!!

They've made all sorts of fab changes for this year that I wasn't aware of before:

Not only do ALL their original styles offer 3 different ways you can wear them for consistent coverage, but the S.O.S. tankini top is perfect for us who've been greatly endowed northernly, since S.O.S. stands for "save our shape"...they have an underwire foundation built-in!  Woot woot!!! 

Also, this season they're offering a plus-size line in all the same fun patterns & colors.  Awesome.

And as far as the guys in your life are concerned, they not only offer board-shorts but also "Captain's Quarters" which are these awesomely colored & varied compression shorts for under the board-shorts.  Apparently pro-surfers & football players are LOVING these compression shorts!  No more boxers/boxer-briefs needed under the boardshorts.  According to the reports their uber comfy for the guys without any bunching! 

Exciting, no?

I'm adding these to my wishlist for once I have my suit & am further blown-away:
And don't think I don't have Hapari ideas for both Mini-Me & Mr LKP!  Have a glorious Wednesday.


Cherie said...

Oh the drama of it all! Ha Ha

All I know is I had a body like that model once upon a time and I want it back!! Who stole that??? Crap!!!!

Cherie said...

And if I find it they better not charge me any extra fees!! (giggle)!

Heidi D said...

Woooh! That's an awesome story. I'm glad you're going to have a new suit for your party. It's nice to know there are still companies out there that care what the customer thinks.

About the 4th. I know, it was nowhere near as cool as last year. We would have done a repeat if it weren't for the cold weather. What's the point of going to the beach if you're not going to swim? Not worth it to me. Especially if you factor in the 2 hour drive home. Honestly, the thought of going anywhere just made me want to go and take a nap. So, it wasn't really exciting, but it was satisfying. Not the best 4th, but definitely not the worst!

karen★ said...

Hello friend!!! I love the one you picked & I looooove the boy shorts! I am obsessed with boy shorts for swimming so I think that I will go with the polka dot ones. if you end up getting those too, let's wear them on the same day & pretend we're in a club!

That is amazing service! I've never heard of Hapari before but now I will definitely give them a whirl!

p.s. why is your husband "mystical"? (mine always forgets conversations too, but that's because I talk to him during baseball games when I know he won't remember. Fabulous trick!

jen said...

Never heard of this site or line before. I do live in the land of eternal sun and that equates eternal swimsuits. I'm heading over and I'll leave positive comments, just for you!

LobotoME said...

love those suits - had never heard of them before but off to check it out!

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