It's Here!

Just call it the Little Swimsuit That Could!

***SURGEON GENERAL WARNING:  Pictures of ME ahead!***

Please ignore extra rolls over edges, extra cleavage (front OR back), and the fact that my thighs touch.
(Sorry didn't have any other models available).
I adore the Tummy Tuk bottoms!
They've got just the right curve on the leg that I don't feel like a complete school marm.  Also that curve kinda lifts my bum, which unfortunately I'm learning I've inherited the flat-bum genes from my mom after all.  =(
Not bad.  Not bad at all.
All I gotta do is firm up the tush & pray for some more roundness and these Hot Shorts will be quite sporty & fab.

But, ya know, for the most part despite the still-visible flaws I detest, most of the major things I don't like about my body this suit has totally handled!!!  AND IT'S MODEST BEYOND BELIEF...AND STILL SEMI-HOT!!!

Let's just say I <3 Hapari.  I'll definitely be adding more of their tankinis & bottoms to my personal collection, as well as Mini-Me's, AND bottoms for Mr. LKP's for sure!

They're my new swimwear BFF!


Heidi D said...

Whoo! You look HOT! ;O))

Someday, I'll be hot again too. Then we can be hot together.

Love the new swimsuit.

Lisa Loo said...

Are you SERIOUS???!!! Making excuses for that body is just mean and cruel to the rest of us who have SERIOUS flab!! You silly hot chick....

Cherie said...

OK seriously!! You look like one hot Mama!!!

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