Haven't been able to shake my lonely funk the past 24 hours.
Mini-Me is at the Oregon coast with her church group.
Mr. LKP is on a long-haul to Bend, OR.

Was sadly awoken by a call from Mr. LKP saying he'd been dispatched to pick up another load in Arlington today. This means his 1-nighter has become a 2-nighter.

If you couldn't tell, I'm pouting about this whole deal.

Have eaten like crap since he left.
Could hardly sleep last night.
I'm just NOW heading to the shower.
And I'm plumb unmotivated. :P

On the brighter side, this does mean we'll be able to get more caught up on bills since his last job ended. Also, I've got MY BOYS pictured above, practically hovering over me every minute. No joke! The little bit of sleeping I DID do last night was with these two laying all over me. So funny!

And yes, that is my couch which I've yanked the cushions off of & commandered as my make-shift cot until Mr. LKP's return.
Big bed + No husband + Little me = Empty & Lonely.

Can't wait for the weekend.
Except he has another haul to Idaho Falls on Monday.

Atleast Mini-Me will be home...yet off to volleyball camp.

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Cherie said...

Well at least you've got the boys!
I am never alone in my house - and I am telling you this because as much as I adore my family it would be kind of nice, maybe novel to actually spend a day alone in my house - it just NEVER happens.
Kurke and Taylor are gone this week at high adventure but I still have Katie messing up the kitchen before she goes to work - she got up and cleaned it from top to bottom then made cookies and whatever else and had to leave for work so left me the mess...nice!
And, of course, I have the little Yahoo here - ha ha.
So while you are in a Funk I am wondering what the heck it would be like to be alone in the house for even 24 hours - no messes, no noise?
I could see how it might get old fast.
Oh well.
Eat some dinner will ya!! :D

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