I'm Over the Moon!

(FYI: I'm not implying that I'm a cow, a heifer, or any bovine of the sort.)

As if there weren't a gajillion & one reasons already to love:
Imagine my surprise, adoration, & not to mention downright smitten-ness with this month's issue of Costco Connection (pgs 49-50 to be precise)! Actually, June features a great article on Celiac. Then on pg 50 there are TWO fantabulous recipes to try!!! Woot woot!

Last night, for our family BBQ, I made the Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad with a few alterations to accommodate my allergies better. It was better than good. It was undeniably SCRUMPTIOUS!!!

I guess another reason I'm elated over this (aside from more attention & awareness regarding Celiac...which besides its affect on me---coupled with my severe food allergies---has changed the lives of 5 other extended family members of mine in a little less than 16 years), the photos for the recipes look delectable!!! That is a rarity in GF recipes. It really is. It's almost felt like, because of Celiac, we've gotta just sit down, shut-up, and eat whatever CRAPPY tasting & looking GF food is sent down the table at us. Let me just say, THAT SUCKS!!!

And really, on the convenient, pre-packaged side of eating GF....well, most of the food DOES suck. But we shouldn't take it lying down. No. Instead we should all be in our own kitchens whipping up delicacies that leave the non-GF food world's mouths watering! But that's just me & my opinion. (These recipes did it for me anyways....only fair.) 

What did I change about the Tabbouleh recipe?  Well... I replaced the tomatoes with red & orange bell peppers.  I replaced the garlic with Beau Monde seasoning. Made sure to use kosher salt & freshly ground pepper.  I also added a little lime juice.  C'est magnifique!  (So much so, that I had a handful of compliments from the otherwise burgers & chips kinda BBQ crowd!  Squee!!!!)

To join in the cuisine fun, and if you can't read the recipes from the widget above, comment below with your email address & I'll send the recipes over to you.  Otherwise dig through that big pile of mail on your counter & let your fingers fly on over to pages 49 & 50!  =)


50 51


NaDell said...

In case you would like a blog with some more gluten intolerant recipes, here's one to try.
Hope it helps. It's written by a lady whose family I know here in Richland. You probably know her too.

LKP said...

thanks nadell! =)
any new sources for yummy GF recipes is well-received in these parts. especially when they can be altered even more to meet the other allergy needs in my home. you rock!

ericksons said...

Steal away on the fire pit idea. The idea is definitely a keeper. We loved using it.

karen★ said...

i love this! we ate a gf diet for almost a year and a half when my son was first diagnosed with autism. i think it really worked for him...but you are absolutely right...sitting down to a nasty meal that you have no control over does SUCK! i would love the recipes please!


thanks! xo

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