And Today I Love

...more than yesterday, cause it: 

...Turned out to be a good-ish hair day...especially considering I forgot to use conditioner. 

...Turned out to be a good-ish face day...especially considering the new blemishes that joined the party, the minimal make-up I used, AND the massive allergy issues in my right eye that I've been fighting for the past 24 hours (which=hardly any sleep). 

...Turned out to be a good-ish money day...especially considering we had to pay our mortgage today. 

It all proves that what you expect and what you get are two different things! AND we should be happy with what we get, cause it could always be worse. =)


Garden of Egan said...

You are so cute! Sorry about the allergies.
Hopefully you are all settled and unpacked and the house is in perfect order!
Have you planted a garden?

karen★ said...

you are completely adorable! and i am so so sorry you had to pay your mortgage...sometimes it would be nice to have a reprieve, for maybe, 24 months? maybe i'll write a letter to the president.
such a great attitude despite allergies...something i would consider to be one of the worst ailments in the world. hang in there!

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