Guess Who?!

I think SULLIVAN is feeling right at home here. 

He's adopted Mini-Me as his very most favorite.
She likes calling him Sully.
 I'd say she must be his Boo.
If she goes anywhere he's right behind her.
If she's reading, he's right in the middle of her lap or bed.
What a kitty!
Why, even King Tuffy seems to be finally coming around.



karen★ said...

we are so very allergic to cats so unfortunately we will never be able to have any. that just means it's even nicer to see adorable pictures of someone else's! (that is definitely one of the best children's movies...ever!)

Sonora said...

We had a cat that looked exactly like the darker cat. He was awesome and so full of personality. These pictures make me miss him.
I also wanted to tell you that I have been following some of the things you have been saying on the blog frog and I completely agree with you and respect you for being you and being real.
I do love Dieter Uchtdorf too. I hadn't heard the quote at the top of your blog before, but I really like it.

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