A Memorial Day Tribute

This has been a lovely Memorial Day Weekend.  
Very limited stress.  
Being together as a family.  
Working more on the new house.
Saw Shrek 4 at the theater.
(Go.  See it.  You'll split your side.)
It's been downright blissful!

Also, PW's "Coming Home" photo assignment all weekend was enough to send me back through our family photos, and submit a few our my favorites thanks to Mr LKP's military career. 
(If you want more back story on them I've got brief descriptions about each on my flickr set located here.)

Here they are:
"The Wall: The Hearts of the Children Turned to Their Fathers"

"Walter Reed"

"Finally Home"

"Proper Respects"

In addition to those I submitted, here are some others that absolutely pull at my heartstrings.  They were tender moments in our family's history.  They still bring pride to my heart & tears to my eyes...
"Basic Training-AIT 1998"

"Daddy's Training Dinner"

"PFC Romm & Family"

"Patriot Legacy"

"When Daddy Comes Home"

"WRAMC_Left Arm Atrophy"

Our family's military legacy would take you all over the map, through SEVERAL generations & many world conflicts
throughout history.  It is something of duty, as well as honor.  

I personally am grateful to all who have come before me, to all who have served...especially to all who have sacrificed their lives in order to secure mine for me.
We are a blessed people to live in this promised land.
Today, please count your blessings.  

(If some of those blessings are still in your life, thank them!)

1 comment:

karen★ said...

a few days late, but i completely agree. i love that you have such amazing pictures of a legacy that means so much to you and your family. i'm glad it was a "blissful" day! (i am loving that word!)

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