Home, Home On the Ranch....Drum Roll, Please!

So thank you to ALL who voted! 
It has been a roller coaster of a naming game, to say the least.
But we definitely couldn't have done it without each of you!

Before we unveil the new ranch's name, bear with me as I share
with you how I went about getting our last,
MOST important vote.

Me:  Let's make this simple. 
Copper Landing Ranch or Gusty Ridge Ranch?
Mini-Me:  Mama, I do NOT like the second one AT ALL. 
So, Copper.
Me:  OK.  Copper Landing Ranch or Rusty Apple Ranch?
Mini-Me:  I don't like Rusty Apple cause it sounds
like we sell rotten apples.
Me:  Alright, moving on then. 
Copper Landing Ranch or LatchKey Ranch?
Mini-Me:  So I don't want this to hurt your feelings, but I like Copper Landing cause this is where WE live, and that way it's about US.  Not your photography business.  But if you want to call it LatchKey Ranch so it's easier for your clients to find, then that's alright with me too.  I'll understand.
Me:  (trying to hold back the pride in how she's reasoning it all out & willing to compromise)....So, lastly, Copper Landing Ranch or Calico Spur Ranch?
Mini-Me:  Ooh, now THAT'S a tough one cause I love them both!

So, what's a proud mama to do?
Well, let's just say, Mini-Me got TWO votes!
I couldn't be so shrewd as to only allow one, especially since she was so willing to go with what was "best" for our situation.

....So, back to that drum roll, maestro...

And the winning ranch name is...

with a whopping 43% of the vote!!!

My sister-in-law, Adie, and I are in agreement on a cool feature that comes with this ranch name:  when we have a bad day we can just say GRR!  Mini-Me smiled & thought that was cool.  So she's chill with the winning name being the one she didn't like "AT ALL"....what a patient & forgiving kid.  I am definitely one lucky mama.

And the triumphant Mr LKP?  Yeah he's totally basking in his creative glory as I type this.  He's feeling very sure of himself.  I think this calls for an unsuspected pitcher of ice water in his lap.....>)  I'll let you know how it goes, IF it goes, and IF I live.  Hee hee hee!

And on another note, anyone looking to open
a new restaurant or winery?   
With our compliments, Copper Landing is ALL YOURS!
(Apparently it's well-liked & a keeper since it came up with 30% of the vote)

Ya'll Come Back, Ya Hear?!

1 comment:

Garden of Egan said...

That's awesome!!!!!!!!
Congrats on finally getting the name. Way to go Mini Me!!!!

I don't know much about the Roadshow on my sidebar, but Braden Bell has been telling bits and pieces of it and he's pretty awesome. It sounds like it will be good.

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