So Much For the Ice Water Surprise...

Oh there was a surprise alright!

Instead of what I'd been PLANNING on doing, tonight we were treated to the ceremonial & obligatory "welcome to the neighborhood" skunk ambush!  It's been hours and we're all still defunking.  Yuck!  Tomato bath, my eye.  The magic combo is hydrogen peroxide, water, and baking soda.  We even used a little Dawn dish soap for extra measure.  The smell's MOSTLY gone, but the poor dogs are shivering to death in their kennels tonight just to be safe until I can air this place out!  Even Daisy wound up to bed with wet hair cause it was so late by the time she got de-icked.
Oh, and P.S.
Tuffy's got a new pal here on the homestead.  Figured he might need help mousing the full 7 acres.  Since a friend of ours needed a new home for their lovely longer-ish-haired siamese, it all worked out.  Well, all of us but Tuffy think so.  He'll come around.  Now for the funny part?  New Cat needs a name....=D

How about you just submit some ideas.  We'll skip the long, drawn-out, Florida-style voting this time around!

(What do you think of the name Cecil?  The family we got him from's last name is DeMille....as in "Cecil B."???  Kind of clever, I think.)


Garden of Egan said...

I love the header!!! You are one clever girl!

Yes, I like Cecil!

Sorry about the skunk funk!
That'll make your eyes water everytime.

So next time why don't you request just to be toilet papered.

Chase and Elise said...

Cecil is too close to me nieces name (Cecily), so I nix that idea :) Name is.... Gismo! Hope to see you at vball!

LKP said...

@Egan: eyes watered for sure....not to mention drool! there was A LOT of drooling, atleast from hula. think of what you hear about the gas chamber exercise at basic training for the Army or Marines. that was TOTALLY hula last night! poor thing, couldn't even see but through little slits since she got it the worst! but then again, that's what she gets for having her nose up a skunk's butt!
@Elise: not so sure about gizmo...seth & i like cecil...but maybe celery would be cool...seth thought maybe we should name him derek! hahahaha!

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