Pssst...Don't Tell My PC

...but I'm thinking I want a MAC.
(Mr LKP & I messing around in Photo Booth @ Best Buy's Mac Store)

P.S. The votes are still coming in!  Between the blog, facebook, & emailed votes, I think I need a tally-man....and not for bananas!  There are more than I had expected.  
I was afraid of making this decision on my own.  I can't be left to do that you know.  ;)  

We'll have the OFFICIAL decision at FHE tonight!  
So, hang in there just a few more hours.  Can't wait for the unveiling....once the metal's done, perhaps we'll even need a little ribbon-cutting ceremony to kick it all off....and then of course a good ol' hootenanny!  
(I just love the word, hootenanny, and ANY excuse to use it in a sentence.  Don't you?)


Garden of Egan said...

You really think a Mac is better????

I am excited to hear the results.
I knew you would love Road Apple Ranch! sniffle....I'm so proud.

LKP said...

for my photos, i'm thinking yes. my brain hurts & i'm tired of over-thinking. so a mac sounds nice....sounds expensive, but nice nonetheless.

road apple ranch reminds me of the road apple trolly/sleigh rides at snowfest in smith park!!! oh man, we LOVED snowfest. the last one we were at was '08. mini-me did the polar bear jump! she's an animal. =)

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