Arsenal: Shower

One more thought...since I'm in the bathroom...
(hee hee, THAT sounded hilarious!)
...I'm quite happy with my current shower arsenal.
I'm documenting this for several reasons:

#1-It's exciting to have products that I'm 100% NOT allergic to!

#2-I need to record this somewhere so I remember what I use, how simple it is, and how no marketing campaign for something more new-fangled will persuade me away from what I'm loving. Basically to remind myself not to buy anything else!

#3-to help spread the word that Suave DOES make luxuriously yummy products that I don't have to feel guilty about using.

#4-For my posterity. Do many people still remember Breck? Wait wait, do many remember the Breck Girl hair toss? Ok, so maybe some of us that have been around a little longer. But I LOVED Breck! My kid has no idea it existed, let alone how cool Breck was or why. So maybe my great-grandkids will wonder if I was cute & if we had good products...proudly this says "yes, and we didn't have to pay an arm & a leg for it either!"

Sorry. Another diatribe. Sheesh, I'm full of 'em today.

P.S. If you've wondered about that new Almond & Cocoa Butter shampoo & conditioner from Suave...stop wondering, invest the $2.00-4.00, and thank me!   It smells sooooo good, and my hair feels like cornsilk again.  Just like when I was growing up.  Now trust me, THAT is quite a feat!  =)

P.P.S. That scrumptious Fuzzy Peach shower gel on the left look familiar? It's the same retro formula of the 80's original by The Body Shop. Woot woot!  I loved & thankfully STILL love that stuff. (It smells as delicious as the Peach Essence shampoo did from White Rain....perhaps that's why I liked White Rain, because it smelled so dead-on with The Body Shop shower gel...hmmmm....)  They even brought back the banana shampoo from back in the day too. Unfortunately it's got wheat derivitives & the whole banana thing working against me. Either way, it all totally takes me back to a time filled with Silver Spoons, Bon Jovi posters, Sun-In, & White Rain Hairspray!

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