Thursday's After

No more icky-ness.
Hooray hooray for the 27th of May!

Now everything fits. And anything I may have missed that does not fit will be tossed. Whew! What a liberating feeling.

Okay, so you've got to know that I am NOT a flowery-print person...not in the least. And contact paper is too 80's/90's frumpalicious...I still remember the country blue & mauve stuff my mom had in our cupboards. Yuck!
But when I was clearing out some old junk that was under one of our sinks, I found a brand new roll of the stuff (in a modern, marbled flowery-print wouldn't ya know). At that point, my quaint vanity's shelves needed some 911 attention, stat...and since this contact paper is easily removed, it seemed like the perfect temporary band-aid. When I'm ready & can afford to have this beautiful beast refinished (etc), then there will be no need for the contact paper. Yea!

One thing I WILL give the contact paper, though, it certainly HAS brightened a very dark & dreary place in that vanity!

Ah! Restoring order in my life brings me peace. =) Have a great night, everybody!

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