Thursday's Before

Ok, so not only am I tired of living out of boxes. I'm tired of not being able to settle. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving my cute little house, but I'm finding that the previous occupant left things in a very not-cute way.

It shouldn't feel gross to touch surfaces, or feel bleck/scary to put your belongings away. This house has needed MORE than just a simple wipe-down in order to actually live here. Plenty of houses have been mickey-moused on somethings I'm sure. I totally get that. But please don't short-change a home on its cleaning. Especially when you're vacating it for someone else...especially if you're getting PAID to deep clean it by your landlord! But that's my diatribe for the day.

This quaint, antique-ish vanity in my bathroom is actually one of my fave things about this house.  (I can't wait to get rid of the crazy dark green faux paint job & replace it with a cool, pale, lemon chiffon yellow & a little bit of sky blue....doesn't it just make you want to play hooky tomorrow and go for a picnic?!)  Too bad that quaint vanity was left a hot-mess before we moved in. Today, I decided, was the day I to tackle it & made it liveable again. So the picture above is before. Stay tuned for after....

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