Just for the Taste of It?

A gluten-free lifestyle is not something generally turned to for flavor.  Lucky for us, we've got Gluten-Free Mom to help spice it up!
So listen up.

I know I just posted about a giveaway, and I'm not one that usually does that often....BUT this one's a good one too!

Check out the recipe for GF Mac & Cheese and her giveaway here
GFMom is helping dissipate my cooking fears when working with living gluten-free.  She's pretty amazing.  Oodles of respect for her & her family's journey.
Cherry on top?  This Le Creuset cookware is my new valentine...well it will be if I win.  But hey, why not share the opportunity with you?  Then I can borrow it every now & then!  =)


Garden of Egan said...

Nice cookware, I hope you get it.
Gluten free.........gag. I'm sorry honey, I know you like it, but please don't make me eat it. It think I saw something gluten-free in the ER today and I promise you don't want to know what it was.
I love ya anyway.

Garden of Egan said...

OK, 'nother question here. I know it's nearly 3 in the morning here as I'm typin' this. (I'm awake with a screaming backache from lifting a very large person out of their car) Anywayz...I like your background on your blog.....
now keep in mind....it's nearly 3 AM....I might be looney.....
But is that a marijuana leaf on the top of the page?

Just wonderin'

Garden of Egan said...

Don't you dare change it! I love it! Nice girl like you with marywanna on her blog! I think it's hilarious.
I don't think it really is, but at 3 AM it made me laugh.

Garden of Egan said...

OK lovey, I just looked on your photo blog.... I gots some questions.
email me K?

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