Eternity Started Then

I became a Mrs for eternity, 7 years ago today.
(I became a Mrs for life, not on this day 8 years ago, but almost.
We're still a couple weeks off from that celebration.)
It's been an amazing start on forever.
Grumpy or otherwise, Mr LKP's been there for me & adored me no matter.
He deserves many medals for each endurance has been an act of bravery. 
 He's the best knight in shining armor.  He's the best dad.  He's the best husband.  He's the best comedian.  He's the best secret-sharer.  He's the best smiler-maker.  He's the best shoulder to cry on.  He's the best support.  He's the best hugger.   
He's the best toenail-painter.   He's the best friend.  
He's the best kisser.   
I'm so glad I never have to say goodbye to him.



Cherie said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Eternity is a wonderful thing!
You two look so totally sweet together - did mini me take these for you?
Enjoy your celebration you two lovebirds and ya know it's kinda unfair that you get two kissy huggy anniversaries! Spoiled....!!


Lee said...

Congrats on so many years together!! Happy anniversary!! You two are adorable!

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