What. A. Night.

Thanks Tanner, Mark, Kylie, Michael, Saul, Samson, Daniel, & all the rest of the 10th Avenue Singers. 
You all took my breath away.  Seriously, all the genres you covered?!  Buble, Groban, Beatles, Joan Jett?!  Oh Happy Day... Bohemian Rhapsody.... Barracuda... Smoke on the Water?!  Oh, wow.  I almost have to stop just to catch my wind again.  Consider this your on-going standing ovation.  You get MORE than a 10 from this Judge!

As for my friend Sonja, her showing at Greenies' First Friday was AWESOME!  She featured some of my favorite photographs she's done, and some NEW favorites that I'd not seen until tonight!  She is A-MAZ-ING!!!!  LOVE her icy barbed-wire shot, not to mention her awe-inspiring print of the temple...if I remember right, I think she called it refuge from the storm???  (I could be wrong on the title---but that's what this image is, a refuge of peace!)  It is, just...WOW!  Check out her work.  She'll blow you away.

Wow.  Wow. Triple Wow!  ;0)

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Amy J. said...

I too was so impressed by all the performances! We were never that good at PHS when we performed! They totally rocked the house.

I signed up for the photography club and I think they just OK'd me to be in so I will go check out her work!

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