FHE: MegaManners Superhero Academy Lesson

So here's the lesson deets from one of our most fabulous FHE nights with our friends' kids, I mentioned last fall.

What made it most wonderful is that Mini-Me & I totally threw it together on the fly...literally 90 minutes before the kids came over so their parents could sneak a date in.  (Dad is a cop, and Monday night was his only night off this week...and they definitely needed date night.)

So, Mini-Me & I created the MegaManners Superhero Academy.

Easy-peasey...just needed a tailored lesson plan, a MegaManners oath & certificate, and cheap red $1.50 plastic tablecloths from the party section at Wal-Mart (cut in half cause they're too long by themselves for capes).

For treats we had MegaMaple Bars & MegaMoo-Juice....all served by "MegaMom" (Me, lol).

I loved how the kids just soaked every single bit of it up!  I also fell even more madly in love with Mr LKP for diving into the whole night, and also being a MegaManners cadet at the Academy!  He's the bestest MegaManners Man ever.
 Fhe Mega Manners Lesson  

Male Mega Manners Superhero Oath                                                            

Female Mega Manners Superhero Oath                                                            

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