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...currently I am perched on the brink of less than 21 hours until the unleashing of our RommaDon celebrations upon the world...Mr LKP will be the big 3-0 in a matter hours, and counting.

My brain is fried.

I'm up still polishing some last minute items for an assignment I agreed to help Daisy with weeks ago.  No, I'm not one of THOSE moms.  Just some Illustrator work she doesn't know how to do.  Remember wanting to achieve a certain effect on a favorite assignment?  Me too.  Hence I couldn't tell her to sink or swim.  That's all.  All are her concepts, & she placed the order.  I'm just filling it.  And really I'm only finishing this up....the first half was completed in PhotoShop days ago.

So when I say the cranium is toast, I mean it.
Am totally shot for some cool ideas for Mr LKP.  Am currently squeezing the last creative juices out for Miss Daisy.  And do you think I've got ANYTHING figured out for Valentine's Day?  Yeah right.  

Funny thing is I keep getting these emails from Martha Stewart, Family Fun, and such with "quick" or "lightening fast" last minute VDay ideas.  So, I guess the ammo is available, I just lack the follow-thru?...Plus, I'm sure they're the same emails everyone else is using.  I mean really, we all know that Martha is not my #1 bestie....that email didn't come straight to me from her heart.  And I don't do enough shopping online at the Disney store to warrant a reciprocation email from them!

I guess I'll get the gumption somewhere between now & when I wake up tomorrow...er, uh, I mean later today.  Even if it means grabbing the boot straps & giving it all I've got....there will be celebrations, by golly!  There will be merriment!  There will be cute oozing from the LKP house if it kills me!

Got any ideas?

Oh and this is a must-share:
Just when I figured I'd taken a long enough break from my mad Illustrator skills to post this, I happened to glance across the hall.  Let me introduce you to....((drumroll))....

...Tuffy, the Moray Eel-Cat-Thing! 
(Forgive the crummy resolution, it's my dumb phone)
Pretty bad that he's so large that he can no longer house his ENTIRE body fully within the kitty condo.  Lol, that face & those pudgy shoulders...alright, AND BELLY, apparently only I can love!  =)

Phew!  All of that now being successfully off my chest, I'd welcome any awesome & original ideas you love to use for hubbies' birthdays & valentine's day.  The more the merrier...besides I trust you a lot more than I trust Martha.  Just sayin'.


The Garden of Egan said...

My favorite was a treasure hunt that I did for my hubby years ago. I REallY sent him on a goosechase.
He was getting clues from different places in the mall in Idaho Falls, I ended up having him meet me at the place where we had our first date. (hoping he remembered and actually came there) When the waiter brought the check he also handed him another present....a key to a hotel....
Ya, that one was pretty memorable.

Cherie said...

Sex and Dinner? LOL!! Or Dinner and Sex???

We went to a party for a friend years ago and his wife invited a bunch of couples but talked to all the wives beforehand and had them wrap of some very favorite thing belonging to their own husbands as a gift for the birthday boy.
It was a great gag (and the B-Boy was in on it). He opened each gift and made a BIG DEAl about how much he wanted this or that. A couple of the men went a little beserk when it was their favorite golf club, or their new drill, or whatever. Very funny!

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