Truth is Eternal.

The words of our Stake President have been mulling themselves around in my mind like a hurricane for the last week or so.  
I love the words.  They're reality is constant.  They are truth.  

Take a look at this:
Our galaxy fits in there somewhere.  There are roughly between 100-200 billion stars (and their accompanying solar systems) in just one galaxy.  The bursts of light in this image are GALAXIES---NOT just stars.  Our sun isn't even identifiably visible at this point.  And the moon?  Fuhgettaboutit.
Even in images of our galaxy, the Milky Way, it's too difficult with the naked eye to pinpoint our exact solar system.  It would take 25000 years to count EVERY star in the Milky Way at a rate of one star per second.  No joke.

Below is an image from the edge of our solar system.  The Voyager turned & took the photograph while on it's way out of our system in 1990.  Do you see earth?
That's us, on the "pale blue dot."  
As Carl Sagan stated, we are "a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam."  This is true.  We, as individual human beings, are not visible in the image.  However, we are not insignificant to Heavenly Father.  The worth of souls is great in His eyes.  Each of us His child.

So why are these words so significant to me today?  Well, as I was driving home from church (after one remarkably spiritual day, I might add), the thought came over me.  All the petty stuff...all the fluff...all the small stuff (think of it on the scale above), it doesn't matter.  

Remember this saying, "Don't sweat the small stuff"?  Aside from the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the rest is ALL small stuff.  

What does this all mean?  Think about it.  Every injustice experienced thus far in life---even those are basically small stuff.  They're not permanent; not everlasting.  Just a blip on the radar of our mortal experience.  So why fly off the handle or hold a grudge?  Who cares that the guy in front of ya on the highway just cut you off?  Was it scary?  Absolutely.  But are you ok?  Yep.  Even if you were not physically ok, you are in His hands so you are ok.  From God's eternal perspective (which is obviously immense), yeah, the "small stuff" is really even more microscopic than small.  

But of course, since the worth of souls IS great is His eyes, He cares when our tender hearts are broken.  He's our Father.  He aches when we ache.  But the true matter of it all is: outside of this mortal existence (since we are THAT important to Him) WE are bigger than the small stuff.

Get it?  That's why we are to forgive ALL men & women, no matter what.  Cause we're bigger than the offense or heartache or wound or infliction.  The hurt is temporary.  This part of our existence is only a fraction of the journey.  Together, with Him, we are all bigger than the moment.  

He is eternal.  We are eternal. Truth IS eternal.

I just love Sundays!


Cherie said...

Wow! That was a very inspiring message! Yours was the first blog I clicked onto since returning from my trip late last night and you did not dissappoint :D
When you look at the Solar System picture and the picture of our tiny blue dot it really does bring it home how small and insignificant we are and how lucky we are to have Heavenly Father who loves us and takes care of us!
You are totally and absolutley right - We need to NOT sweat the small stuff!
Great and wonderful message for this Sunday :D

P.S. My word verification is Crist :D

Hugs to you :D

ericksons said...

That makes me think of Horton hears a Who - A person's a person no matter how small.

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