March 20th

For those in charge of the family schedules in their homes
(...ahem, moms...)
set Saturday, March 20th aside for:

I know its been mentioned before, but since almost 2 months have passed since P-8th's LAST ward activity, I figured a reminder may be necessary.  =)

So, it all kicks off at 5pm and there will be dinner.
And it will be the best spaghetti potluck EVER.  The ward's taking care of the salad, bread, AND noodles.  All you have to do is bring a batch of your family's most favorite pasta sauce, along with the recipe.  This way everyone will get a taste of something new.  Perhaps your old favorite will become someone else's NEW favorite!!!  Ragu or Prego IS accepted as long as it's your family's favorite.
Very fun & exciting.  
And really, who ISN'T on the lookout for new recipes?
Add to the mix some great entertainment, bring it to a delightful simmer and VOILA!  It's destined to be a delicious night indeed.

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Garden of Egan said...

I love the fireflies song!!!! I bought if off of itunes yesterday. My little granddaughter just bounces all over when she hears it!

Your upcoming activities sound pretty awesome!!!!!

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