Mad Fun

I'll tell ya my favorite place in the world is BEHIND the lens.  
It's my safe place.  It's secure.  My sanctum.  I CHERISH it.

Tonight was scary for me, as I've never really used my camera at night before.  So, joined up with a group going over some different lighting techniques in Richland.  Truly felt glazed over after about the first two sentences.  But before I knew it, I felt ok.
Not saying I'm a Darin in the LEAST.  (Not a chance-he's the Supreme Viceroy of the Lighting Universe!!!!!)  However I was feeling more comfortable after a spell of hands on.  

Here's some of what I've got from it all:
the Supreme Viceroy, himself...
...Gina, now she is gorgeous!...
...Nigel & Darin...
John was quite a sport.  Did I mention he's also quite the method actor?

So it was nice to branch out but still within the comfort 
of my sanctum, and be silly at the same time. 

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Heidi D said...

That's cool! Where did you learn all of your awesome camera skills? I've wanted to expand my knowledge. I think when I finally go back to school, I'm going to take a photography class.

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