Much Ado About Something....AWESOME!

So, despite no marshmallowiness on the ground here, we had a fantastic time at the "Marshmallow World: Ultimate Family Game Night"!!!
Below is a slide show of pix.  Got a new pocket-sized cammy that I'm still getting the hang of (specifically got it so I don't keep forgetting to document all the cool stuff we do as a family---the D60's a bit bulky to pack around for normal everyday stuff.  Too bad my little coolpix doesn't take shots anywhere CLOSE to the D60's quality.  Sorry about all the red-eye.  Wanted to get these on ASAP, so no editing.)  Here ya go:


The Garden of Egan said...

Looks like a lot of marshmallows!
I saw a lot of smiles on people. I thought our building was the only building with canvas stuff on the walls in the cultural hall. Awesome to run into while playing ball.

You were a very busy girl!

Cherie said...

Looks like it was a great turn out and alot of happy people! Good job!!

I want me a big pink marshmallow - those look so fun!!!

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