The Gift of Calm That a Time Out Brings.

 It's been a strange past few days.
Loads of pressure from nowhere but everywhere.
I didn't ask for any of it.  It just kinda found me.
Who's to blame?  Noone.  That's what I mean by strange.
Ever feel totally & utterly under the gun?  Doesn't seem
logical, but its there.  A force to be reckoned with...

So, I've been trying to drudge through it.  Not really a depression.
An anxiety?  Perhaps.  As if time's running short?  Completely.

Funny thing, while contemplating this phantom pressure, for some
reason I recalled that for Christmas my husband had so graciously
reserved a spot for me & a friend at Spokane's
Time Out For Women session.  His genorosity brought a smile to
my face, but the pressure was still there.  Had I thought the
sensation of urgency would dissipate?  No. Not really.
It was nice to simply smile & remember how awesome
Mr LKP is.  My thoughts then focused more about what this
year's workshop might hold.  From somewhere in all the
thinking, 2010's theme surfaced:
Infinite Hope.
"We hope all things..."  -Articles of Faith 1:13

I don't always pay attention to the TOFW themes, atleast not
until I'm there and all the pieces of the puzzle are in place.
However, immediately upon the words "Infinite Hope" entering
my mind, the pressure, the storm, the angst was simply gone.
Peace and stillness instead settled in. So refreshing.

What a gift.  My husband will never understand what he's done
for me in his thoughtfulness.  What he's given me is something
so much for than a girls' weekend.  He's calmed the storm, before
I've even walked through the conference doors.  I've got a
feeling this gift is gonna just keep on giving.

I so needed that time out today.  Can't wait for Time Out in
the spring!

What's been your life preserver as of late?  The one
you hadn't counted on being there?


The Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like you are in for a great weekend.
Hope you are able to find the calm now.
I lose myself in some cardmaking or a good book.

Cherie said...

TOFW is the best! I love the theme this year. Sometimes I don't pay attention to it either.

It seems like everyone has the January "Blahs" right now for one reason or another. I get the February blahs. So it will be my turn next month to find some calm and a life preserver.

Great gift from a very thoughtful hubby :D

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