Hello Dolly!

Why the Dolly discography in the sidebar?  Well, let me just tell ya, my entire childhood I remember wanting to grow up to be either Juice Newton, Crystal Gayle or Dolly Parton.

Juice?  Because "Queen of Hearts" was my FAVORITE song and I ADORED her red boots

Crystal?  Because of her ankle-length hair, and the fact she came & sang at the B-F County Fair here when I was in the 1st grade.

Dolly?  Well, how can anyone not love Dolly?  I remember being at my babysitters one morning.  It was real early & since my sitter was too tired at that time of day, she always turned on the Disney Channel (back in the old days of Mousercise/Jazzercise; you know, THOSE days?).  Dolly was on that morning, singing "9 to 5" & dancing with Minnie and Daisy Duck.  I also remember watching Dolly's old Sunday night variety show at my Grandma Grow's (normally caught Lawrence Welk when at my Grandma Bowen's---you can see why my tastes are soooo varied).
Few years back, I was able to finally realize my life-long dream...well, atleast for a night.  Dolly's who I channeled for Halloween.  Turned out so good that when my Grandpa Grow got the emailed pix, he laughed "Hot dang!  She nailed it!  She really DOES look like her!"  Lol.  Thanks to that costume, for Christmas that year my mom & grandpa got me Dolly's Christmas movie "Unlikely Angel."  Great flick.  Never nominated for any awards (darn shame, cause it makes me cry EVERY time, too).  On my wishlist is her CD "Backwoods Barbie" and STILL on my list of things to do before I die is to visit Dollywood.  Some day.
So, humor me.  Enjoy the new playlist, become a bit of a Dolly-ologist.  And Enjoy the hilarious picture (Mr LKP even went as my bodyguard that year).
Yes, those WERE the days!

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