Grasshopper Marshmallow Treats

So, Mr LKP refers to these as heavenly death.  Not sure how that works, but I'll take the compliment.
Whipped these up for our "MARSHMALLOW WORLD: Ultimate Family Game Night" at 5pm at the church tonight.  Can't wait to see how they go.

Piece of cake to make.  Start out with the Jet-Puff recipe for Rice Krispie Treats on the back of your marshmallow bag.  Substitute Co-Co Roos (cheaper than Cocoa Puffs, plus I always liked Roos' name better anyways).  Once you have coated your cereal with your marshmallow & butter combo, stir in mini meltaway mints.  Voila!  Looks pretty & yummy...well, pretty yummy too.  Tastes amazing according to the man.  Enjoy.  It's perfect for January.


Cherie said...

I can totally see why the hubby calls them Heavenly death - but I bet they are SOOOOO Yummy!
I totally cannot wait to hear how your event goes. I know it will be awesome!!!!

The Garden of Egan said...

Do you even feel a little bit guilty for posting something like that? Come on it's only the 16th of January. I usually keep the diet resolutions until at least the 17th!
Looks yummo!

Amy J. said...

Can you believe I missed yet ANOTHER wonderful Romm inspired event!!! Branson was throwing up all day and Uggghhhhh I so wanted to come!

Fraud makes me soooo mad! Don't even get me started but I am glad you gave them an earfull!!!

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