Am currently furious.
Have been receiving calls from an unfamiliar Michigan phone number quite a bit lately.  Since I'm home now I'm much more aware of how frequently they've been coming in.  Funny thing, they never ring long enough for the phone machine to pick-up.  Machine picks up on 4th or 5th ring.  They hang up by #3 or 4.

So tonight they called again, and I figured I'd nip it in the bud.  Especially since our number is intentionally not listed, as well as on the DNC list now (after tonight anyways).

I answered the phone & the background noise was insane.  After about 30 seconds a chick gets on the line asking for me or my husband & she has the last four of my credit. card. number.

INSANELY IRATE is what I instantly became.  I demanded to know how they had my number.  She stated she only had my last four of the cc#, and that she was merely calling to confirm my recent order.  My WHAT?! 

She got more than an earful.  I demanded any and ALL of my personal contact information be eliminated from their system & shredded.  I made it clear that they did not have my expressed permission to even HAVE a single piece of my information.  She stated they were a company called "Vista" (talk about a story). I told her I'd never heard of their company and had not used their services in the past & would never use their services in the future. 

I told her my number was unlisted & would be placed on the DNC list tonight.

I did not confirm anything with her, did not confirm my full CC#, made it blatantly clear that there WAS NO ORDER.  I will be contacting my bank the moment it opens tomorrow to be sure they are aware in case of any fraudulent activity. 

In case you have noticed odd phone numbers calling your phones...just google them.  Turns out when I googled the number tonight there are TONS of others just as frustrated. 

So, just a heads up.  Protect yourselves & your information. 

Use logic.  They shouldn't know anything about you beyond your name. 
If they're selling something or claim you have "ordered something" then they are lying.  If the deal sounds too good, it is.

Don't believe me?  Google 517 933 2017 and you'll see what I mean.  Apparently these people have been blowing up phones across the country!


The Garden of Egan said...

Grrrrr, I hate that kind of crap!
Thanks for the info.

ericksons said...

How frustrating! Way to give them a what for!

Cherie said...

I would also call my CC company and get my CC number changed and have them send new cards! If they have the last 4 #'s they could have sooo much more!

It is totally frustrating and annoying.

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