Malnourished. ...Must Find More!

Ever feel malnourished?  Ya know, that feeling in the pit of your stomach, when deprivation has set in?  You could be surrounded by "good things" you think you need...matter of fact you can even fill yourself with those things you think you need, however you still feel famished?  Take that feeling & multiply it by ten...most depleted feeling ever....utter starvation.  Have you felt it?
What about spiritually?

EPIPHANY:  Things are not the key... 

However, spiritual growth through the Savior IS.

We can be surrounded on all sides by "good things" to fill our lives & set our hearts after.  They can even be made afford able or be riddled with coupon-offers too hard to pass up, or even be free.  So much so that our lives are consumed by these things.  No matter how low the financial price tag may be or how short the sale may last, our inner needs will never truly be met by a bargain & the eternal ramifications will come at such a higher cost if we don't wake up from our worldly comas.

Our deep, lonely, & driving inner-hunger can ONLY be eternally satisfied by  the Atonement & Gospel of Jesus Christ (learn more about it in the Scriptures).

He has come unto us.  It is our turn to close the distance by coming unto Him.  Whether we are able to meet Him halfway or a little less than, His Atonement is extended to make-up whatever difference remains after all we have is given.

Because He is OUR Savior, He has a vested interest in each of us.  He knows us.  Knows each of us personally. 

He knows that I, specifically, learn best through gifts of prophets & apostles, as well as the scriptures & music.  However, He also recognizes how keenly my intelligence grows through good friends.  And boy DOES it ever!

I notice immense closeness in my relationship with Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ through appreciation & valuing the examples set for me through my friends.  I can feel the roots of my growing testimony take deeper hold when my thoughts are focused on His Plan for us...for me. And those thoughts seem to leap out at me as I observe His teachings through these precious friends and how they live their lives.

ALL of my friends are amazing, and my friends have qualified to be my friends as they have touched my life & fed my soul.  They edify me constantly...YOU edify me.

One such friend I found on Blogger.  (Again, this is only ONE of the MANY I cherish that I "have found", connected with, or reconnected with here in Blogland) 

Becoming LDS has been on my google reader since she started her blog.  My testimony is stronger thanks to her thoughtful remarks, her spirit, her inspirational questions, and her own testimony-building/epiphany-rendering types of experiences.  Today's was another monumental "stop-and-think" moment, one that really got my mental wheels rolling and tears of gratitude streaming.

I must also add my appreciation to BLDS for offering a forum for conversion stories of our brothers & sisters.  It may have been a while since the last conversion story was posted, however, the power of these stories cannot be diminished.

Testimony is pure doctrine of the Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.  Testimony is one of the greatest resources used by the Holy Spirit to impress upon us truth.  Truth equals light.  Light equals the Savior.  It all connects & consequently changes our lives.

Others' testimonies and examples can help lead us to the light & where we need to be in order to take our own first testimony-building steps...those steps cannot be taken without exercising faith.  Give your faith a go...be brave.  Seek peace...truth...light...and essentially Him.

We're with you all the way.

So, what various wells do you draw from that quench your spiritual thirst?

(P.S.  If you're looking for another spiritual pick-me-up or a "remembering" of sorts, check out what BLDS has to offer.  She'll love to have ya.)

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