It's Not Gi-Huge-O, But If You're Interested...Have At It!

Love canvas prints?  Love smokin' hot deals?  Thought so.

What do you think about a 12x18 for $9.99 with free shipping?  And additionals for $6.99 beyond that initial canvas?  Sound awesome?  Figured.

A canvas of this size may normally run anywhere from $40-70 depending on which site you use.  So, click here and you'll need the coupon code 12X18CANVAS (which expires on 2/14).  Bonus on the side, sign-up as a new client you score some AWESOME deals on free prints for the next 12 months!  Not shabby, in the least.  =0)

1 comment:

Cherie said...

That's even better than the deal I found earlier in the month. I ordered one from there and should get it today or tomorrow.
I will have to check into this as well - I absolutely love photos on canvas!

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