If you're local to the TC's area, perhaps you've seen or heard of my pal Karrie over at Fistful of Coupons.  No?  Well allow me to introduce you to her.  Karrie's been blogging some EXPLOSIVE deals & giveaways for a year this week.
Did you ever watch "Julie & Julia"?  Well, forget about the handful of distasteful words & phrases (well, Karrie never uses ANYTHING distasteful) and abandon the whole 500+ recipes in 365 days idea and replace it with a challenge to save more money in 1 year than has been saved in a lifetime...and suddenly you have Fistful of Coupons

So, to celebrate her Birthday Week (yep you read right), she's got a giveaway a day.  They are some phenomenal giveaways, I might add.

First one out of the gates:  You Look Nice Today Photography.  Amazing husband & wife photo team.  (Both are talented.  Both are nice.  Tiffany's a TC native.)  Several friends of mine, including Marilyn, Danyelle, & Tasha, hired Ryan & Tiff's services this past fall and have been OVER THE MOON for their work! 
So check out the giveaway, get entered, pop on over & take a look at the talent that is You Look Nice Today.  You'll be glad you did.

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