I Wasn't Gonna...But Now Dandee's Gotta!---UPDATED: Dandee DID!

Call 1am on Friday a hormonal moment....or hour.

I lopped it off.  All. of. it.

Woke up few hours later in shock.

Mr LKP set some money on the counter in case I wanted some professional "therapy".

Twelve hours later: panic attack.
Made some calls.

In the chair by 2:20pm.  Enter sweet gal named Wendy at new salon "muse" to the rescue.  She came in on her day off.

Stipulation was I could not look like the mom of a 12 year old, since I am one.  Sweet Wendy said she figured I was early 20's.  Bless her.

All better now. 
Secretly grateful for my meltdown.  Feeling a bit liberated.

Wendy's my new hero and "therapist" of choice.
Scheduled follow-up 8 weeks out.

Wendy did good, no?


UPDATE:  Dandee's unveiled here!


The Garden of Egan said...

STINK that's cute!!!! You are a doll.
I think the gal did a great job and thank goodness you can take that cash and go get yourself a new outfit! No therapy needed.

ericksons said...

It turned out so cute! I am thinking of chopping mine - maybe you're just the inspiration I need.

Cherie said...

I think it turned out REALLY cute!! Not everyone can pull off a shorter doo but you look fabulous!!!!!!

Amy J. said...

I love it!! So Cute and fun and yet sophisticated!!!! Your new header looks great!

Lady...this woman doesn't see 5:00am unless she absolutely has to!! I did the post several days ago and then under the options I just scheduled it to post at 5 in the morning. Shhhh don't tell.

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