Once Again, Bring On the Conference & Cocoa!

It's back and I'm more excited than usual to get back to the spiritual swing of things.  The holidays were wonderful, but I really missed getting to gather monthly, as sisters, having the opportunity to glean even a little bit more from the Spirit that attends, from one anothers' experiences, as well as the Scriptures.
So, click on over here or on my sidebar image for more details.
Can't wait.  There's just something magical about all us sisters gathered with our warm cocoa in hand, and cozy socks on our toes!


The Garden of Egan said...

I love your RS blog!!!! I did one for our RS when I was the 2nd couselor. When we got a new Prez she said no more.
Looks like such a fun idea. Chocolate definitely makes me feel more spiritual!
Love it!

Mii2GuYz said...

mmm sounds like fun!! God Bless

Cherie said...

I love (pretty much everything you do - wink!) this tradition in your ward. It is actually what caught my eye when I first started reading your blog and then I knew we would be soul sisters one day!!

So fun!!

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